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A Crossbow stock is the wooden centre of a crossbow. It is required to make a crossbow. They can be fletched by members who have the necessary fletching level. They can also be purchased or stolen from the crossbow stall in Keldagrim. In the grand exchange the wooden stock is worth 6-7 coins.

Wood Level TimePerStock Experience Image Notes
Wooden 9 2.468 seconds 6 Wooden stock Used with bronze crossbow limbs to make an unstrung bronze crossbow, granting an additional 12 experience.
Oak 24 2.544 seconds 16 Oak stock Used with blurite crossbow limbs to make an unstrung blurite crossbow, granting an additional 32 experience.
Willow 39 2.084 seconds 22 Willow stock Used with iron crossbow limbs to make an unstrung iron crossbow, granting an additional 44 experience.
Teak 46 3.324 seconds 27 Teak stock Used with steel crossbow limbs to make an unstrung steel crossbow, granting an additional 54 experience.
Maple 54 2.635 seconds 32 Maple stock Used with mithril crossbow limbs to make an unstrung mithril crossbow, granting an additional 64 experience.
Mahogany 61 2.135 seconds 41 Mahogany stock Used with adamant crossbow limbs to make an unstrung adamant crossbow, granting an additional 82 experience.
Yew 69 2.968 seconds 50 Yew stock Used with rune crossbow limbs to make an unstrung rune crossbow, granting an additional 100 experience.
Blisterwood 70 50 Blisterwood stock Used with silvthril limbs to make an unstrung blisterwood stake-thrower crossbow, granting an additional 50 experience.
Magic 94 100 Magic stock Used with dragon crossbow limbs to make an unstrung dragon crossbow, granting an additional 200 experience.

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