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The only crossbow stall in Gielinor is a market shop that sells crossbows and crossbow components like other crossbow shops, yet can be thieved from. It is located in the Keldagrim market, found in the dwarven capital city. Stealing from the crossbow stall requires 49 Thieving. When stolen from it yields 52 experience. A misconception is that the crossbow shops beneath White Wolf Mountain and in the Dwarven Mines can be thieved from. These crossbow shops are in fact not thievable stalls, unlike the one in Keldagrim.

The crossbow stall can be used in two ways; either for trading or for stealing. The store's owner, Hirko, sells a number of crossbow stocks and limbs. Players may also sell completed crossbows to the store, although the shop's default stock for completed bows is 0. If spoken to, Hirko can also sell bolt pouches that store crossbow ammunition.

The stall, if stolen from, will yield either a wooden stock, bronze limbs, or several bronze bolts. Unwanted items can be sold at Gunslik's Assorted Items, a General Store found in the Consortium palace's section on the other side of the River Kelda.


A safepot in Keldagrim. This can be performed by running a few steps behind the boxes, then clicking on the stall to "steal".

When stealing from stalls in Keldagrim, players may be attacked by level 48 Black Guards that hit hard and fast. This can be avoided by standing in the spot pictured above on the right hand side, by running behind the boxes, then running to the stall, trapping the Guard behind the boxes, leaving a player free to steal without being attacked.

If attacked, Black guards hit hard and fast, therefore it is recommended that low-levelled players either run or steal food from Keldagrim's Best Bread, the bakery stall found in the marketplace.

Players with a Thieving level of 49 can steal:


Item Number
in stock
sold at
bought at
GE resale
Wooden stock Wooden stock 10 20 6 4 -160
Oak stock Oak stock 10 27 9 2 -250
Willow stock Willow stock 10 53 17 8 -450
Teak stock Teak stock 10 77 25 11 -660
Maple stock Maple stock 10 100 33 20 -800
Mahogany stock Mahogany stock 10 133 44 20 -1,130
Yew stock Yew stock 0 167 55 75 0
Bronze limbs Bronze limbs 10 20 6 41 210
Iron limbs Iron limbs 10 70 23 59 -110
Steel limbs Steel limbs 10 250 83 133 -1,170
Mithril limbs Mithril limbs 10 650 216 300 -3,500
Adamantite limbs Adamantite limbs 0 1,600 533 982 0
Runite limbs Runite limbs 0 16,000 5,333 9,116 0
Bronze crossbow Bronze crossbow 0 73 24 258 0
Iron crossbow Iron crossbow 0 157 52 450 0
Steel crossbow Steel crossbow 0 360 120 265 0
Mith crossbow Mith crossbow 0 783 261 282 0
Adamant crossbow Adamant crossbow 0 1,767 589 900 0
Rune crossbow Rune crossbow 0 16,200 5,400 8,766 0

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