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Crocodile Tears is a quest featuring the Menaphite goddess Crondis.


Start pointQuest map icon
Crocodile Tears icon
Leela and Senliten in Senliten's tomb.
Member requirementP2P icon Members only
Official difficultyMaster Master
Quest Quests:
Rank 3 overall Menaphos reputation
Items requiredItems from the tool belt are not listed unless they do not work or are not automatically added.

The following items must be gathered during the quest. Items gathered before the priest asks for them will not be accepted.

Items recommended
Enemies to defeat

Visiting SenlitenEdit

Senliten chathead

Talk to Senliten in Uzer Mastaba, south of Uzer and north of Nardah. Ask her about the Crocodile Tears quest and the minor god Crondis. She will direct you to Jex and the Sphinx in Sophanem for further information.

Jex can be found just inside of Sophanem near the gate (and the building leading to the bank under Sophanem). The Sphinx will only speak to you if you have a cat following you. Chat options will not appear if you are wearing any variation of the catspeak amulet or cramulet. Go through all dialogue relating to Crondis for both of them.

Go back to Senliten's tomb and talk to Senliten. You have to restore the modesty of the crocodiles and should therefore locate Crondis and resolve whatever the problem may be. Taking a relic given to Senliten (by Crondis) might help, as it helped her find water in the desert when she needed it.

Finding waterEdit

The relic can be obtained by exiting the temple and re-entering it to explore the temple. After entering the temple, head north and loot the stone ship for the dowsing rod.

Using the dowsing rod is like doing a compass clue from treasure trails. Just go in the direction the arrow is pointing until you get a chat message. Do not teleport to the locations. You must run or walk.

  • It will first point you towards the oasis just north-west of the temple, upon which you make the remark that this is not where Crondis can be found.
  • The second oasis is located on the Camel Warriors island, just east of Sophanem.
  • The third is in the Bedabin camp, north of the Bandit Camp lodestone.

After failing to locate Crondis, you have to return to Senliten.

Attuning to CrondisEdit

Items needed: Rope
Tirrie chathead

At Senliten's tomb, she realises that the rod relic has to be attuned to Crondis before it can locate her. For this, you have to go to the Elid elementals at the source of the Elid. The relic will grant you access to the dwelling, you will recall that you are going to need some rope. Teleport to Dominion Tower.

Climb the waterfall on the northern side of Dominion Tower, and go north to the Elid elementals. Talk through the dialogue and you find your rod relic charged and able to locate Crondis. This will point you towards the south-west of the Port district of Menaphos. Talk to Portmaster Kags and let him ship you to the Crondis pyramid. Enter the pyramid.

In the presence of a goddessEdit

Crondis chathead
Crondis requests food

Crondis requests some plover birds.

You are now in the graceful presence of Crondis, a crocodile goddess. Talk to the High Priest, who quietly tries to warn people about his goddess's change in behaviour. Crondis insists that hungry crocodiles are nothing new but that she would fancy a snack, whether it be human or not.

All items have to be obtained after being requested. Items obtained in advance will not be considered fresh enough.

  • First, the priest suggests you get some fresh beltfish, which can be caught at the Port district of Menaphos. after catching some, head back to her Pyramid via Portmaster Kags to give them to her.
  • Crondis will now request some toothpicks to get the fish out of her teeth, in the form of 2 acadia logs. These can be cut in Menaphos's Imperial district. Once obtained, head back to the pyramid and give them to Crondis.
  • Crondis will now request a new top for her pyramid. To get these, head to the Agility Pyramid and complete four laps of it to obtain 4 pyramid tops. The Pyramid can be reached quickly with a Desert amulet 4 or Pharaoh's sceptre. Once you have the tops, return to Crondis and give them to her.
  • Crondis will now request 8 plover birds to use as toothpicks, since the acadia logs didn't work. Plover birds are found in south of Sophanem, just south of the Temple of Icthlarin. They can be reached quickly by going east from the Menaphos lodestone and talk to Coenus before the bridge gate to Sophanem, then head south for the Plover birds hunting area. Alternatively, use a pharaoh's sceptre, or the Sophanem Slayer Dungeon teleport if you have enough reputation. Plover birds are caught in deadfall traps, requiring logs, which can be obtained from the palm trees on the shore. Once you have the birds, return to Crondis, and she will eat them and use their bones as toothpicks.
  • Crondis will now request 16 croc ices (NOT choc-ice), which can be bought from Rokuh in Nardah. The croc ices must be delivered to her without the use of teleportation, as teleportation will turn them into chocolatey goop. Additionally, you will automatically eat some of the croc ices on the way to Crondis, so it's best to buy a full inventory of them. You can use the magic carpets, the surge ability and quick travel at Shifting Tombs to get to Menaphos faster. The croc ices can be delivered in multiple trips.

After 16 croc ices are delivered, Crondis will request another 32 croc ices. This time, instead of agreeing to her request, repeatedly refuse, and she will spit up some corruption. Alternately, staying silent will allow you to go to the bank before proceeding. Note that summoning familiars cannot carry croc ices.

Fighting UkundukaEdit

Ukundaka fight

The fight with Crondis's corruption.

You will then fight Ukunduka with 75,000 life points that uses both melee and ranged combat styles. You can stand next to the stairs to trap the crocodile. Then it will only attack with ranged.

It devours food from the first slot in your inventory from time to time, healing itself. You can carry sacks of cabbages or other cheap food to preserve your high-healing food, and take cabbage out of the sack periodically so that it stays the first food item in your inventory. Hiding behind the stairs and attacking with ranged or magic will avoid this food-stealing attack.

Alternatively, the Ukunduka does not see Baron Sharks as food, eating other objects from your inventory instead. It is unknown if this is a glitch or intentional.

Another option is to use a Bunyip with Swallow whole scrolls since Ukunduka does not see raw fish as food.

After defeating the crocodile spawn, speak with the High Priest, and return to Senliten.

Upon arrival, a cutscene will play in which Osman and Leela argue over whose plan to free the people of Menaphos is better. Osman leaves, telling you to meet him at some point in the future. Speak to Senliten to finish the quest.

After speaking to her, another cutscene will play, showing Jabari informing the Pharaoh that Amascut's hold over Crondis has been removed. They discuss increasing the payments to bandits to keep the citizens fearful and inside the city, and of plans to replace the Menaphite Pantheon.

Audio options icon
Quest complete!

Congratulations, quest complete.


Crocodile Tears reward

Additional rewards/activities

Music unlocked

Required for completingEdit



  • The phrase "crocodile tears" means expressions of sorrow which are insincere.
  • During the fight with Ukunduka, it may say "I'd rather have a bowl of croco pops" when stealing food. This is a reference to Coco Pops, a cereal with an antagonistic crocodile mascot.
  • During the quest, player may equip a crocspeak amulet and talk to nearby crocodiles for some extra dialogue.
  • Tamsah the High Priest of Crondis may take his name from the Arabic word for crocodile, تمساح.


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