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Croc ice detail

Croc ices are treats sold by Rokuh in Nardah for 1,000 coins each with a maximum stock of 50. During Crocodile Tears, Crondis requests 16 croc ices.

Occasionally a croc ice will be consumed by the player after being left in the inventory, which Rokuh notes is due to their moreish nature.

They must be transported without using magic - if the player teleports with them they will turn into chocolatey goop. They will also turn to goop if the player logs out and then back in. Additionally they may not be banked or held by summoning familiars. However, it is still possible to use magic carpets (including the quick-travel option) and quick-travel at Shifting Tombs entrances.

Store locationsEdit

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Seller Cost Currency Base stock Members?
Rok's Chocs Box1,000Coins 100Coins 50Yes