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Release date 4 March 2013 (Update)
Combat level 150
Race Automaton
Members NPC? Yes
Quest NPC? The World Wakes
Location Guthix's Cave
Sells items? No
Gender Male
Examine It looks like the leader of the automatons.
An ancient, forgotten guardian.
Cres chathead

Cres is the overseer of the automatons and guardian of Guthix's sleeping place. He was summoned to build the defences at the end of the God Wars and has not seen a human since. He assisted in the fight to defend Guthix during his assassination along with his automatons. He was ultimately killed by Commander Zilyana, who mistook him for the god of balance and impaled him with her sword.


Early historyEdit

Much of Cres' early history is unknown, although it is known that he and Juna knew each other some time prior to the start of the God Wars, and were good friends. Juna remembers him as lively, and describes him as a bright spark in dark times.

His role in the God Wars is unknown, although, he, like the other guardians, became a guardian at the end of it. When Guthix was awakened from his slumber by Zamorak using the Stone of Jas to destroy Forinthry, he chose various beings to accompany and protect him while he created the Edicts of Guthix and cast the gods out of Gielinor. Cres was one of the guardians chosen to protect Guthix, who recognized his intelligence and granted him even greater mental capacity. Juna was another, and Cres became friends with the other guardians, such as Fiara.

When Guthix finished creating the edicts and banishing the gods, he chose Cres to build and guard his resting place. Cres started by building a "cocoon" of barriers around Guthix, which easily repelled the few people who attempted to break them. Eventually, people stopped coming, although Cres continued to expand Guthix's resting place, causing it to reach its current size. Cres passed the time by creating technology, such as the Automatons that he programmed to protect Guthix, and the Cresbots, which he created to be his companions.

The time spent guarding Guthix changed Cres; with only his creations to keep him company, his isolation caused him to become much less lively, to the degree that he forgot his own name.

Assassination of GuthixEdit

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The following takes place during The World Wakes.
Cres battles
Cres and his automatons fighting Zemouregal's forces.

During year 169 of the Fifth Age, Guthix's resting place was discovered by an archaeologist known as Orlando Smith and an adventurer.


Cresbot (following)

Cres' creations follow the balance preaching of Guthix, being balanced with nature and technology at the same time. He created one of the most powerful rings available, the Sixth-age circuit, along with powerful golems known as automatons, which are capable of sensing a Mahjarrat even if they are in the Shadow Realm. Being lonely in Guthix's home, he developed bots to provide companionship, which became known as Cresbots, which also have other functions. He is responsible for the entire security system of the complex, which is very advanced. His appearance shares similarities with his automatons, having parts made of wood and parts made of seemingly metal.

Despite being long gone from the surface, the other Guardians of Guthix still remember him. He played a vital role in defending Guthix during The World Wakes but unfortunately, he dies and so does Guthix.

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