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Create Gatestone
Create Gatestone
Release date 12 April 2010 (Update)
Members? No
Level 32
Spellbook Daemonheim
Type Unknown edit
Experience 0
Runes 3 Cosmic
Quest None
Create Gatestone
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Create Gatestone is a spell obtained in the Dungeoneering skill. It is used in conjunction with the Gatestone Teleport spell to teleport the player to the location of a dropped gatestone. To create the stone, one must have three cosmic runes. This spell can only be used in Daemonheim. After creating a stone, it will be placed in your inventory. The player can then drop it anywhere and teleport to it at a later time using Gatestone Teleport. The player may only teleport once per stone. If the player dies with a stone, it will automatically drop onto the floor, allowing the player to quickly teleport to the location.

The player may only have one gatestone at a time. If there is already one on the ground in another room and the player tries to create another, a message will pop up asking if the player would like to destroy the other stone. If the old gatestone is in inventory a message will prevent player from multi-gatestone usage.

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