Crate goblin
Crate Goblin
Release date 20 March 2007 (Update)
Race Dorgeshuun Cave Goblin
Members Yes
Quest NPC No
Location Dorgesh-Kaan
Sells items No
Gender Unknown edit
Examine Taking a terribly important box from one place to another.
Crate goblin chathead
The crate goblin is a Dorgeshuun cave goblin that lives in the Dorgeshuun capital of Dorgesh-Kaan. He can be found wandering many parts of the city, such as the city's marketplace, homes, and shops. About every 2-4 minutes, he arrives at the marketplace to deliver goods.
Crate goblin delivering

The crate goblin delivering goods.

The crate goblin delivers boxes to many different areas of the city, and can be hard to find at times. He/She often changes levels and enters little-known side corridors. The crate goblin will only stop when you talk to him/her, and will not continue to move until the player is 2-5 steps away.

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