The crafting table 3 is a piece of furniture that can be built in the workshop of a player-owned house with the Construction skill. The player can, with the right materials, craft toy horseys, wooden cats, clockwork mechanisms, toy soldiers and toy dolls here. During the Cold War quest, a player must use a tier 3 or 4 crafting bench to create a clockwork penguin. When built, the crafting table is known as a "Clockmaker's bench".

Image Item Level Experience Materials
Clockwork Clockwork 8 15 Steel bar
Toy horsey (white) Toy horsey 10 15 Plank
Toy soldier Toy soldier 13 15 Clockwork, Plank
Wooden cat Wooden cat 16 15 Plank
Toy doll Toy doll 18 15 Clockwork, Plank
Clockwork suit Clockwork suit 30 15 Clockwork, Plank, Silk

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