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Crafting potion detail

Crafting potions are made by mixing Clean wergali and Frog spawn in a vial of water, giving 95 Herblore experience. It requires level 42 Herblore.

When consumed, crafting potions temporarily raise the player's Crafting level by 3. This boost may be used to boost crafting levels for quests such as Lost City and Creature of Fenkenstrain. The boost may also be used to reach the level required to craft an item, such as decorated cooking urns at level 78 instead of 81.

Price per DoseEdit

Item GE price Price per dose
Crafting potion (1) Crafting potion (1) 696 696
Crafting potion (2) Crafting potion (2) 1,343 672
Crafting potion (3) Crafting potion (3) 1,461 487
Crafting potion (4) Crafting potion (4) 2,267 567


Crafting potion (3) Crafting potion (3)
Herblore-Make-X GE icon
95 XP-1,461
Herblore Herblore level42
P2P icon Members onlyYes
Wergali potion (unf)Wergali potion (unf)11,7831,783
Frog spawnFrog spawn1N/A-

Production costsEdit

This table is based on the Grand Exchange prices of a vial of water, the wergali, and frog spawn. It is accurate assuming all three items are bought from the Grand Exchange and the Crafting potion is sold afterwards (NOTE: the secondary ingredient frog spawn, cannot be bought).

Herb state Material cost Profit/loss Profit/xp

Flask Edit

This potion can be made into a Crafting flask by using at least six doses of it with a Potion flask. Players do not need a specific level to turn potions into flasks.


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