Crafting Guild Mine
Release date 27 February 2002 (Update)
Location Crafting Guild, south-west Falador
Members No
Rocks 6 clay
6 silver
7 gold
Monsters None
Requirements 40 Crafting
Main music Unknown edit
Crafting Guild mining site

The Crafting Guild mining site is a free-to-play mine only accessible to those players who can gain entry to the Crafting Guild. Gaining access to the Crafting Guild mine requires a level of 40 or above in the Crafting skill.

This mine offers six clay rocks, six silver rocks and seven gold rocks, but players will have to go elsewhere to smelt them. Clay can be used on the premises, however.

The nearest bank is at the Clan Camp, a bank chest on the west side of the portal, and the nearest furnace is in Falador - members with level 26 Agility can take a shortcut tunnel under the city wall and go up the west side of the moat.


Located at the far west of the free-to-play map, south of Falador and north of Rimmington, the Crafting Guild mining site can be accessed through the following means: