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Cracked mining urn

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Cracked mining urn
Cracked mining urn
Release date 15 February 2011 (Update)
Members? No
Quest item? No
Tradeable? No
Equipable? No
Stackable? No
Value 1 coin
High Alch 0 coins
Low Alch 0 coins
Destroy If you destroy this urn, you will have to start a new one.
Store price Not sold
Examine This will collect ore slivers when I mine ore at Mining level 1.
Weight 1.3 kg
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Cracked mining urn detail

A Cracked mining urn can be created at 1 Crafting by using an earth rune with a cracked mining urn (nr). It is used with the Mining skill to help with gaining experience. The urn is filled when the player has earned 437.5 Mining xp with the urn in inventory. Once the cracked mining urn is full, it becomes a cracked mining urn (full) and can be teleported to Ernie for 87.5 Mining experience.

If mining multiple ores at once, using either Varrock armour or the reward effect of a Shooting Star, the urn only fills with xp from the first ore. The others do not count.

When a higher tiered mining urn is present in a player's inventory, a cracked mining urn will take priority in filling, meaning that any level 1 ore that is mined will fill the cracked urn rather than the others. However, any ore requiring higher than 1 mining will fill the higher leveled urns. This lower tier priority also applies to fragile, normal, strong, and decorated mining urns.

Loading the urn
Ore XP per
per Ore
# of Ore
to Fill
Clay Clay 5 1.14% 88
Pure essence Rune/Pure
5 1.14% 88
Copper ore Copper ore 17.5 4% 25
Tin ore Tin ore 17.5 4% 25

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