This article is about the NPC. For the monster, see Crab.
Crab (NPC) Crab (NPC) (Harmless)
Release date 6 April 2001 (Update)
Race Crab
Members No
Quest NPC Deadliest Catch
Location(s) Port Sarim, Mos Le'Harmless, Deadliest Catch
Sells items No
Gender N/A
Examine Nobody likes crabs...
Clearly not a hermit.
Watch your toes don't get nipped! (Deadliest Catch)

Crabs are non-interactive characters found on the beaches of Gielinor. Unlike their giant relatives, they are not attackable and serve no purpose other than decoration. Those in Port Sarim look somewhat like bugs, while those on Mos Le'Harmless merely look like smaller versions of the giant relatives.



  • The examine info "Nobody likes crabs..." is a reference to the saying. "Crabs" is often used to refer to grouchy people.