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Release date 12 December 2006 (Update)
Combat level 123
Race Human
Members only Yes
Quest NPC No
Location Alice's farm; formerly in Trollweiss and Rellekka Hunting area before the removal of the Gnomecopter Tours
Sells items No
Gender Male
Examine A player.
He hates cows SO much.
Cow1337killr chathead

Cow1337killr is a player spoof of an adventurer that makes numerous appearances in Runescape.


  • Before the tour's removal, Cow1337killr could also be found in the Rellekka Hunter area catching Cerulean Twitches during the Gnomecopter Tours.
  • He can be seen in the cutscene during the Animal Magnetism quest. He kills an Undead cow, and after being shooed away, he attempts to kill a Sneaky undead fowl during a cutscene. However, he hits a zero as the chicken dodges his attack, and deciding he'd be safer with Alice's husband, runs straight toward him.
  • He also makes an appearance in the Festival of the Dead event and provides the player humorous information about his fellow player spoofs.
  • He can also be seen in Runescape's "Vote NO, RuneScape Free Trade & the Wilderness" YouTube video, with a collection of other npcs.


  • Cow1337killr, along with other player spoofs did not receive a graphical update following Evolution of Combat.
  • He wields a non-updated version of the Dharok's greataxe that has a rune colouration.
  • His name is leetspeak for Cow elite killer.

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