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Court summons detail

A Court summons is an item that is needed for the Distraction and Diversion, Court Cases. The court summons will tell which case has been assigned to the player. It is obtainable as a drop from monsters, found in caskets, completing clue scrolls, or by pickpocketing a variety of NPCs. A player may only possess one court summons at a time. Take note that if a court summons has been served but the court case remains incomplete, a second summons cannot be obtained until the case is complete.

Note: You can only start collecting court summons after completing your first (starter) court case, obtained from the clerk.

If a player wants a specific court summons, the held summons can be destroyed. It then becomes possible to keep trying for a different summons. This can be useful for players specifically trying to get the Mime case (to unlock the faint emote) or the Party Pete case (for the rainbow afro).

Party Pete Summons

The interface of a Court summons.


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The following table outlines monsters that can yield a court summons if pick-pocketed. This is not a complete list.

Monster Name Combat level Thieving Level Location of NPC
Al-Kharid warrior 26 25 Al Kharid, inside the palace.
Warrior Woman 43 25 Ardougne and Varrock Castle
Knight of Ardougne 76 55 Ardougne market and Ardougne Castle
Paladin 70 70 Ardougne market and Ardougne Castle
Gnome 60, 62, 64 75 Tree Gnome Stronghold, Tree Gnome Village (city), and Battlefield of Khazard
Hero 74 80 Ardougne market
Dwarf trader None 90 Trade Octagon

Recommended methodsEdit

  • Dwarven instinct aura. Often within an hour one can open 5-6 chests. In that hour, one often contains a court summons (as of the recent update).
  • Al-Kharid warriors have the most common pickpocket chance. Most players (depending on Thieving level) will obtain a court summons within 5 to 45 minutes of pickpocketing. Remember to equip a bow without arrows or a Sculpting chisel to prevent attacking. One warrior in the east room respawns in a place where he can be trapped to make for faster pickpocketing. Low level players often train on warriors, making it difficult to pickpocket continuously. This problem can be avoided by using the high total level servers.
  • Warrior women may be a better choice or even Knights of Ardougne because they can be trapped in the nearby houses. (If your thieving level is 70+, it is recommended to pickpocket Knights of Ardougne, you will normally average a court summons around every 6k of gold, or around 120 successful pickpockets, but sometimes it takes much longer.)
  • Buy caskets from the G.E. You can only buy 100 caskets at a time. Most players will get 1+ court summons out of 100 caskets. This is the fastest method and will only take a few minutes. However, this will cost about 456,200 coins. The inclusion of dragonstone armour as a possible result of opening the crystal chest has greatly increased the value of crystal key halves, which in turn has greatly increased individual casket value as players attempt to obtain key halves from caskets.

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