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Court Cases is a Distraction and Diversion released on 9 June 2010. The quest King's Ransom is a requirement. As of 1 September 2010 players may only do one court case every 14 days from Batch 2 (very rare), while Batch 1 (rare) can all be done with no delays. Note, however, that if a player does a court case from Batch 1 they must then wait 14 days to do a case from Batch 2.
When I wrote King's Ransom over two years ago, we introduced a judicial system to RuneScape, by way of the Seers' Village Court House. It seemed a shame that you only get to use it during the quest and the rest of the time it just sits there.

Overview Edit

Players are able to work on cases in the Seers' Village courthouse, choosing either to defend their client (requires 65 Defence) or prosecute the accused (requires 65 Attack). Players read a few documents on the background of the case and perform a bit of detective work. When they feel ready, players may start the trial and present all their findings to the jury and argue their case, as the player did in King's Ransom.

To successfully complete a court case, a number of things will need to be done in preparation. All cases come with up to three case reports, for example, which can be obtained from the filing cabinet on the ground floor of the courthouse. It is essential that these are read if a coherent case is to be made. Keep a note of all their details to win in the courtroom.

If a case is failed, the jury will return an 'undecided' verdict. The judge will then explain that the player needs to make their case clearer. The player will then be teleported upstairs to the clerk's room. Players will still have all of the necessary case files, and can proceed downstairs to try again as many times as needed until the case is won.

After every successful court case, players are rewarded with an attack XP lamp or a defence XP lamp giving a set amount of experience (depending on whether they chose to prosecute or defend), and some item(s). Completing all Court Cases is one of the requirements needed to get a trimmed Completionist cape. Players can find out which cases they have already completed by talking to the Clerk and selecting the check cases dialogue.

WARNING: Giving up a case will mean that the Clerk will take it away. Players will have to obtain a new summons before they can try again however.


Getting startedEdit

See the Court summons article for different methods of obtaining court case summons.

After completing the First Court Case/Starter Court Case, the player can obtain a court summons by pickpocketing, monster drops, caskets or clue scrolls. There is NO waiting period to obtain a court summons; the first court case/starter court case, however, MUST be completed before the player has the ability to obtain a court summons.

Players may take on their first court case by talking to the clerk in the Courthouse. Afterwards, players will need a court summons through the methods mentioned above.

Note: Only one summons may be held at a time. If the player wishes to do a certain case, they will have to destroy scrolls until they find that specific one.

With a court summons in hand, players can travel to the Seers' Village Courthouse and talk to the clerk to start the case (assuming the summons does not give a waiting period), and decide whether to defend or prosecute.

While a summons may be obtained at any time, only one court case may be completed every 2 weeks. Reading a court summons will indicate how long is left before another attempt can be made.

Before descending into the courtroom via the stairs, players should:

  • Check the case file cabinet to get the case reports
  • Analyse any fingerprints
  • Talk to the relevant witnesses in the temporary jails that have been set up on ground level

Gathering evidenceEdit

The Case reports obtained from the filing cabinet give details pertinent to the case:


The courtroom

Case report 1 Case report 2 Case report 3 Crime scene viewing orb Magnifying glass (Court Cases)

  • Fingerprints (Not present in all cases): The player must correctly match a print taken from the scene to one of three possible suspects, which if correctly matched can then aid in prosecuting or defending cases.
  • Information about the circumstances and evidence of the case.
  • Information about the suspect's background (and any other person pertinent to the case).
  • A crime scene viewing orb may be given, in which case the player gets to examine a virtual crime scene with a magnifying glass to look for evidence.

The Defendant can be spoken to in the detention cells on the ground level of the courthouse. The case reports will state if any questioning is necessary for information before court is in session.


The Jury selection screen as seen normally

Once a player is ready, they may descend into the basement of the court to commence the trial. Cases start with the prosecution, and then follow with the defence. Players are advised to carefully select evidence and witnesses, depending on whether they intend to defend or prosecute, which will corroborate with their arguments. The jury will indicate whenever the choices made were good, inconsequential or severely damaging to their case.

The judge presiding over the case can be talked to query witnesses or present physical evidence. If happy with the presentation, players can also talk to him to summarise their case to the jury. A jury member is then be chosen and appealed to in order to influence their verdicts.

Audio options icon
The Jury agrees with you

Wearing the ring of charos (a) while hovering the mouse over jury members will show their personal background and interests, rather than simply saying "A member of the Jury". The backgrounds of the Ranger and Cook were slightly altered to give hints for the second batch of court cases.

  • Ranger - "A ranger, he prefers the bow and arrow to all other combat. He's a straight arrow and hates evil doers."
  • Wizard - "A wizard, he researches the mysteries of life and performs magic."
  • Miner - "A miner, works hard all day mining rocks. Likes to party in the evenings."
  • Cook - "A cook, he spends all day making bread and stopping people stealing his cakes. He hates stew."
  • Shady Gentleman - "A shady-looking gentleman. He's likely involved in the criminal underworld."
  • Young Man - "A young man. He's concerned with starting his own business and making money. Also enjoys a rowdy party."
  • Barbarian - "A barbarian. He is sensitive to any disrespect of his culture."
  • Elderly Gentleman - "An elderly gentleman. He's worried about his safety and a rise in crime."
  • Young Woman - "A young woman. She's concerned with the safety of her children."
  • Shady Individual - "A shady-looking fellow. He covers up his face to hide his identity."
  • Desert Dweller - "A desert citizen. She doesn't have much love for mainlanders."
  • Elderly Citizen - "An elderly gentleman. He doesn't like parties or noise."


The guides for a successful defence or prosecution follow below. Note that there are usually other ways to win the case besides the one presented for each case. There are currently a total of 16 cases. 

Audio options icon
The Jury is bored...

Batch 1Edit

Batch 2Edit


Audio options icon
Congratulations, you win!
Music when having successfully defended or prosecuted the defendant.

If a court case goes in the players favour, they are entitled to a reward. Players can collect their reward from the clerk on the ground level of the courthouse. The reward received is dependent on the case they took, and whether the player defended or prosecuted in the case. Players can receive an attack XP lamp (if prosecuting) or a defence XP lamp (if defending) ranging from 2,000 to 20,000 experience, and items may also be awarded in return for their hard work.

A player is not required to take the rewards at the end of a case. However, while a reward is not taken, the player cannot get another court case.

Name Exp Other Net worth
Mugger 2,000 None 0
River Troll 3,500 20 Sharks 14,340
Drunken Dwarf 5,000 20 Gold Ore and a Kebab 3,896
Evil Twin 6,500 5 uncut sapphires 3,805
Rick Turpentine 8,000 3 uncut rubies 6,771
Mime 9,000 1 Mystery box and the Faint emote. 0
Evil Dave 9,000 5 Spicy stews (Court Cases) 0
Miss Schism 9,000 1 Humble pie 0
Sandwich Lady 9,000 1 Mystery box 0
Sawmill Man 9,000 30 Teak Plank 22,050
Ernest/Professor Oddenstein 10,000 100 Feathers, 15 Red feathers, 15 yellow feathers, 15 Blue feathers and 20 Raw bird meat 5,540
H.A.M 15,000 100 cave goblin wire, 5 uncut rubies 155,285
Frog Prince 9,000 1 Mystery box 0
Party Pete 9,000 Rainbow afro 0
Barbarian/ Wizard 20,000 10 Dagannoth hides and 50 Law runes 39,040
Gravedigger/ The People 9,000 1 Mystery box 0
Barrister clothing equipped

A player wearing the barrister wig, barrister top, and gavel.

No. of Cases Weeks Prize Date Unlocked
5 10 Barrister wig Barrister wig 9 June 2010
10 20 Barrister top Barrister top 27 October 2010
16 32 Gavel Gavel 19 January 2011


Music unlocked:

NPCs of the casesEdit




Witnesses and ArrestersEdit


Court case timer confirmed

Mod Emilee Confirming the Time Limit on Court cases.

  • The "People" in the Drunken Dwarf case is a man named Botros (can be rearranged Robots), who has an appearance that makes him look exactly like a bot. He claims that he was attacked by the Drunken Dwarf while he was skilling, and often talks in leetspeak. When the player is defending in that case, it is revealed (in possibly the biggest example of Jagex breaking the fourth wall) that he was AFK at the time of the attack.
  • There is currently an error on the Adventurer's Log where it will say "A court summons was dropped; The case is Mugger (level: 6) VS Roger Murray." even though you did not obtain this case through a drop/pickpocket.
  • The (Rich) People in the Rick Turpentine case is man name Richard Maney (Mr. Maney.) This name, Maney, appears to be a pun on the word Money, which makes sense since Richard Maney does happen to be rich, and making his name Rich Money.
  • When the good and evil twins have their fingerprints repeated, both their fingerprints and the one taken from the crime scene are different.
  • When interviewing Rick Turpentine and selecting to question him about "The gold watch" he says about his father, "For five long years he carried this watch in his back pocket. Then, before he died of dysentery, he gave me the watch." This is very likely a reference to the film Pulp Fiction and the segment "The Gold Watch," where Christopher Walken as Captain Koons relates a similar story about the provenance of the gold watch he is giving to the young Butch.
  • In the River Troll case, if the player chooses to defend, the defendant will summarise her case by asking the jury to stop "trolling the troll." This is a pun with the word "troll," which is used by many to represent an action of spamming or otherwise annoying activities that serve no purpose other than annoyance.
  • In the Evil Dave case, there is the option to say about the Evil Stew "It's tasty, tasty, very very tasty". This is a reference to UK adverts for Kellogg's Bran Flakes in the 1980s with the jingle "They're tasty, tasty, very very tasty".
  • When the defence talks to Simon about the cake, he will say 'The cake is a lie', this is a reference to the video game Portal.
  • When investigating the Miss Schism vs. Draynor Village case, Miss Schism is inside the jail cell sitting on her stool. If the player tries to speak to her and she is not directly opposite the player, she will glide towards the player still seated without any animation.
  • There is a glitch, where you will randomly be doing a case that is not yours and it will count as you doing it.

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