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For a list of all cosmetic overrides, see Category:Cosmetic overrides.
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Previewing custom skins

A player previewing the Assassin pack skin

Cosmetic overrides are display changes to a player's avatar character or animation. These can be found in the Customisation interface, released alongside the grand opening of the Solomon's General Store.


Cosmetic override skins are different from physical items itself due to the omission of its own inventory icon as it does not exist in a physical state. Most skins are not related to what is actually equipped, with the exception of weapons, which can only override physical weapons of the same class. As such, most skins do not show in player-versus-player situations. After an update, retro replica equipment can be displayed in player-versus-player, with the condition of having the equivalent equipment equipped.[1] In the case of Elite Void Knight equipment, the matching colour (Guardian, Justiciar, or Executioner) must also be selected.

Cosmetic override animations are only played when the corresponding skill is being performed. They do not provide any extra benefits despite the animation played are usually much more dramatic.

Overrides usually have no bearing on actual gameplay, although a few exceptions exist. The New Varrock cultist robes and Zombie outfit (New Varrock), when activated, enable the wearer to progress through the Dimension of Disaster quest without using their physical item counterparts. The Dulcin armour allows entry to the Black Knights' Fortress.

Having any override active in the head slot prevents the player from obtaining the Sword Artist title, and a similar situation occurs when attempting a makeover with Thessalia.


Gear icon

All cosmetic overrides are activated in-game through the Customisation mode. Customisation mode can be accessed via the Wardrobe and Animations tab of the Gear interface.

Once a cosmetic override is purchased from Solomon's General Store or acquired by other means, the Gear interface button will flash. Once clicked to prompt Customisation mode, the Wardrobe or Animations tab will also flash depending on what cosmetic override is acquired. Cosmetic overrides that are unlocked can be identified by the golden yellow text with a dark blue box of the item's name. Contrariwise, overrides that have yet to be unlocked will be shown in light blue text with a shaded grey box.

Players may freely preview and activate (and recolour if possible) overrides. Any override may be previewed (and recoloured), but must be unlocked to be activated.


The majority of cosmetic overrides are purchased from Solomon's General Store. Aside from the General Store, overrides are also unlocked once a certain activity, quest or seasonal event is completed. The 2014 RuneFest distributed the RuneFest 2014 Teleport cosmetic override to attendees of the event via a redeemable code.

Discontinued overrides are skins and animations that could only be purchased or acquired for a limited amount of time. Several early examples of discontinued overrides include the Shadow outfit line (Shadow Cat, Demon, Hunter, Knight, Sentinel, Dragoon and Gorilla), Charity tunics (GameBlast, AbleGamers, DonateGames and YoungMinds Tunic) and so more as time passes.


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