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Cosmetic Item Shop only appears during events and may not be currently found in game.
Cosmetic Item Shop
Cosmetic Item Shop
Release date 29 June 2015 (Update)
Removal date 1 September 2015 (Update)
Members No
Location Lumbridge Crater
Owner Sheldon
Specialty Cosmetic overrides
Sheldon (Summer Beach Party) location

The Cosmetic Item Shop is a shop that sells cosmetic overrides of beach-related items with RuneCoins. It is run by Sheldon. It is located at the Summer Beach Party.



Item Cost GE price GP per RuneCoin
Pyramid hat head token Pyramid hat head token 100 RuneCoins 18,136 181.36
Conga eel whip token Conga eel whip token 33 RuneCoins 17,888 542.06
Ice lolly wand token Ice lolly wand token 66 RuneCoins 598,177 9,063.29
Water balloon launcher token Water balloon launcher token 66 RuneCoins 44,212 669.88
Shark fin token Shark fin token 25 RuneCoins 52,774 2,110.96
Clawdia wings token Clawdia wings token 100 RuneCoins 83,950 839.5
Coral sword token Coral sword token 33 RuneCoins 47,177 1,429.61
Coral dagger token Coral dagger token 33 RuneCoins 18,046 546.85

Older CosmeticsEdit

Item Cost GE price GP per RuneCoin
Bunting whip token Bunting whip token 33 RuneCoins 102,318 3,100.55
Stick of rock token Stick of rock token 33 RuneCoins 68,744 2,083.15
Throwing starfish token Throwing starfish token 33 RuneCoins 29,882 905.52
Snorkel token Snorkel token 20 RuneCoins 23,112 1,155.6
Bucket head token Bucket head token 20 RuneCoins 18,891 944.55
Clawdia hat token Clawdia hat token 100 RuneCoins 2,489,455 24,894.55
Dragon ring token Dragon ring token 33 RuneCoins 58,006 1,757.76