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Corrupted egg detail

The corrupted egg is an item that spawns very rarely throughout Menaphos and Sophanem. The egg will appear randomly on different worlds in one of many locations. The egg can be picked up and inspected to unlock the Ishhara pet.

When inspecting the egg: The egg quivers and cracks open.

When Ishhara is unlocked: You have unlocked Ishhara, the corrupted scorpion pet. It can be found and summoned from the pet interface.

When searching for the egg, if the minimap is large enough, players can spot the egg's red dot from each district's Shifting Tombs entrance (excluding Imperial district). A good method of finding the egg is to stand at the Shifting Tombs entrance, quick travel to the other 3 districts, hop worlds, and repeat, all without moving.

The egg will despawn after 1 hour.

Possible egg spawn locationEdit

District Location Map
Port district South of Meena, north of the stairs. Corrupted egg spawn (Port district) location
Merchant district South of bank, on top of a carpet. Corrupted egg spawn (Merchant district) location
Worker district Left of the tent north-west of the Prayer altar. Corrupted egg spawn (Worker district) location
Imperial district North-west of Anhur's on the path. Corrupted egg spawn (Imperial district) location
South Sophanem Near the wall, south-east of the Sophanem Slayer Dungeon. Can be found between the rocks. Corrupted egg spawn (Sophanem) location
North Sophanem Close to the entrance that leads out near the Camel Warriors island. Close to the wall. Corrupted egg spawn (North Sophanem) location


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