This article is about the quartermaster found within the Abandoned Burthorpe mine. For his brother of the same name, see Corporal Boothe (Burthorpe).
Corporal Boothe
Corporal Boothe
Release date 31 January 2012 (Update)
Race Human
Members Yes
Quest NPC No
Location(s) Burthorpe
Sells items Burthorpe Guard Quartermaster
Gender Male
Examine Provides personal combat gear.
Corporal Boothe (cave) location
Corporal Boothe chathead

Corporal Boothe (formerly Combat supplier) is a member of the Imperial Guard Quartermaster Branch found in the Abandoned Burthorpe mine located north of the Troll Invasion Distraction and Diversion.

He runs a shop by the name of Burthorpe Guard Quartermaster, which provides some basic supplies for those training on the trolls within the cave, and he is willing to purchase the items that the trolls drop, or "spoils of war" as he refers to them.

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Boothe's voice