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Cormes is one of Beastmaster Durzag's pets. It initially appears during the wave of monsters before the fight with Durzag, along with chargers and airut.

Cormes will use ranged or magic, choosing his style based on the target's lowest defence. The attacks function similarly to Krar and Tuz attacks, with ranged draining run energy and stunning if the run energy depletes, while magic applies a combust effect. Cormes is involved with one of the battle feats featuring Beastmaster Durzag, in which the raid team must kill Durzag while keeping Cormes alive for the duration of the fight.



  1. ^ Jagex. RuneScape's Twitter account. 14 July 2015. RuneScape: "Beastmaster Durzag's dogs' names: Tuzz, Krar, Cormes. Tuzz Krar Cormes TUZZKRAR CORMES. TUSKA COMES."

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