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Coraxatrice egg detail

A Coraxatrice egg is a component of the Spirit coraxatrice pouch used to summon a level 43 Spirit coraxatrice, one of the Summoning familiars. It is obtained by using a Raven egg with a Spirit cobra's special ability, Ophidian Incubation, requiring a Summoning level of 63. At one point, Coraxatrice eggs were the rarest and most expensive of the cockatrice egg variants due to the rarity of Raven eggs. An update in August 2010 changed this, however, and raven eggs became obtainable from the Managing Miscellania D&D. As a result, the Coraxatrice egg has dropped significantly in price, but is still the second most expensive egg. Coraxatrice Eggs may also be obtained from Spirit implings.

Drop sourcesEdit

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Spirit implingN/A1Rare


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  • The prefix "Corax" comes from the scientific name of the Common Raven; Corvus corax.

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