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Cool-ant is an item used in Back to the Freezer. It is made by using the coolant holder on the ice maker in the break room. The cool-ant is required by Elon, as specified by his list. Unlike most items, it has a separate version in each of the non-English RuneScape translations, with a separate icon in order to continue to have a pun.

Language Icon Name Explanation
English Cool-ant Cool-ant A cold bull ant pouch. This is also the only version with a coresponding NPC
German Cool-ant (de) Kühl-Hydra A cold hydra pouch, a pun on hydraulics
French Coolant (fr) Liquide de refourmissement Literally "liquid of refrigeration" Fourmi is also the french for ant.
Portuguese Cool-ant (pt) Refrigerent A cold giant ent pouch

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