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Cooking apple detail

Cooking apples are items used primarily as an ingredient to make apple pies, summer pies and cider, although they are not edible on their own. They can be obtained from the Cooks' Guild or otherwise harvested from an apple tree grown from an apple tree seed in a fruit tree patch by a player with a Farming level of 27 or higher.

A basket of apples (which contains 5 apples) is used as payment to grow willow trees and strawberries in the Farming skill, while 4 baskets of 5 apples each is used as payment to grow a banana tree.

Drop sourcesEdit

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Giant spider2; 33; 392Rare

Obtaining applesEdit


  • 1 - Richard's Farming Shop in the Ardougne farm house, near the lodestone.
  • 3 - Two on the first floor; one on the second floor of the Cooks' Guild (spawn time is around 40 seconds).
  • 3 barrels - on the Lady Zay, while at the Pirates' Cove (1 barrel is in the hull).
  • 5 barrels - on the pirates' ship at Lunar Island. 1 barrel is on the deck, 4 are in the hull. 2 of the barrels in the hull are inaccessible.

Store locationsEdit

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Seller Cost Currency Base stock Members?
Culinaromancer's Chest36Coins 25Coins 50Yes
Frenita's Cookery Shop36Coins 25Coins 0Yes


After completing the Elite Karamja Tasks, Dell Monti in Brimhaven will give you 40 cooking apples a day.


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  • The apple's examine of "Keeps the doctor away" is the latter half of the proverb, "An apple a day keeps the doctor away." A barrel of apples (non-carryable) completes the proverb with its examine of "An apple a day..."
  • When the cursor is hovered over any edible food, the icon for eating is an image of a bitten cooking apple. However, cooking apples cannot actually be eaten.

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