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This article is about the item obtained by cooking a raw undead chicken. For information on the more common food item, see Cooked chicken.
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Cooked undead chicken detail

This Cooked undead chicken is a food item obtained by using a raw undead chicken on a range or fire. The undead chicken itself may be found on a farm nearby the Ectofuntus.

Eating it results in the message: "It tastes absolutely disgusting." Doing so restores 200 life points.

When cooked, the chatbox says "The undead chicken is now cooked, but it may not be good to eat." This also occurs when cooking the raw undead beef as well.

Cooked undead chicken
Cooking level 1
Cooking XP 30
Burn level Unknown edit
Utensils None
Ingredients Raw undead chicken
Range only No
Use raw undead chicken with fire or range.

Possible useEdit

A possible but dubious use for this item would be to help low-level players survive Mort Myre. As this is a normal food item like any other, low-level players (or players not interested in using the Bloom spell) in Mort Myre can carry these to "shield" themselves from the attacks of Ghasts - but the cooked chicken itself will become rotten food with each successful attack by a Ghast.

Low healing food is also useful for agility courses and maintaining the Dharok's effect without dying.


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