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Construction crate (small) was removed from RuneScape after an update, but still exists in-game for those who had obtained it.
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Construction crate (small) detail

The Construction crate (small) is an item that can be won from Treasure Hunter which contains a variety of construction materials; there is also a chance for an additional reward. The exact materials are based on the player's crate and the amount is less than what is in the larger crate. It replaces the medium lamps of the corresponding type. During the weekend of 12 October, players had twice the usual odds of getting this crate. Using the "Withdraw all" option will always leave the player with at least 1 free inventory slot.

Possible contentsEdit

Construction Level Rewards Amount Total XP earned
from Crate
SoF Convert Value
22 Plank 24 684 6,000 15,696
Steel nails 60
55 Oak plank 48 2880  ? 22,608
62-66 Teak plank 36 3240 20,000 28,584
70-76 Teak plank 72 6480 30,000 57,168
80-89 Mahogany plank 72 10080 40,000 102,960
90-99 Mahogany plank 108 15120 50,000 154,440