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Mineral deposit
Concentrated gold rock
Release date 17 September 2009 (Update)
Members? Yes
Quest? No
Level 80
Experience 65
Ore Gold ore (153 coins)
Max output Until despawns
Location Living Rock Caverns
A large concentration of gold.

Concentrated gold rocks can only be found in the Living Rock Caverns located underneath the northern part of the Dwarven Mine. They require a Mining level of 80 to mine ore from and give 65 experience per ore mined. There are only 4 concentrated gold rocks in the game; they are in the northwest, northeast, southwest, and southeast corners of the cavern.

Concentrated gold rocks will give 1-2 gold ores at a time. The message "you manage to mine two gold ores!" will appear in the chatbox (not filtered) when this happens. This works in addition to the chance of receiving an extra ore if wearing Varrock armour or if boosted by the effects of a shooting star. This increases the possible ore mined to up to 4 at a time, with an overall increase in the chance of finding multiple ores. Gems cannot be obtained from this type of rock.

Concentrated gold rocks are one of the fastest methods of gaining Mining experience from 80 all the way up to 99, requiring 169,975 gold ore to be mined (no boosts). The experience rate ranges from 65-70k up to 100k at 99 with a lava titan familiar and dropping ores using the action bar which leads to no interruption. With decorated mining urns and lava titan this experience rate can be further extended to 120k.

Concentrated gold rocks respawning

A concentrated gold deposit recently replenished.

Those who are looking to be more efficient when mining concentrated gold rocks should superheat at the same time, this means a player can gain Smithing and Magic experience with no loss in experience per hour in Mining. This means Mining, Smithing and Magic can be trained together, saving substantial amounts of time. The rate players can expect to get is approximately 95k Mining, ~85k Smithing and 85k~ Magic per hour. To increase the amount of experience gained, players should wear the goldsmith gauntlets reward from the Family Crest quest. Additionally, at 83 Mining, using goldsmith gauntlets, a dragon pickaxe, and decorated mining urns (no Varrock armour or lava titan), experience rates average at 69K Mining, 50k Smithing, and 47k Magic per hour when the player is superheating the ores and dropping them with the action bar.

With the removal of the world switching timer, some players choose to stay by the southern most mining spot out of reach of the living rock creatures and hop worlds whenever the concentrated gold rock collapses. This is far safer for those with lower Defence and Constitution levels as well as faster for those with slow connections who can't handle the lag on popular worlds.

Recommended ItemsEdit

  • Golden mining topGolden mining trousersGolden mining helmetGolden mining glovesGolden mining boots; Gold mining top can be replaced by Varrock armour 2,Varrock armour 3 or Varrock armour 4. The entire outfit can be replaced by the magic golem outfit or any of the shark outfits, which also make all the creatures in the area non-aggressive. Only the magic golem outfit will provide the same experience bonus, however.
  • Lava titan (Requires 83 Summoning-icon)
  • Crystal pickaxe 15% better than Dragon pickaxe; 15% better than Rune pickaxe or Inferno adze.
  • Perfect juju mining potion (4) Periodically banks and smelts (if possible) all ore mined, and lasts 1 hour per dose. Purchasable from the Grand Exchange.
  • Summoning flask (6) to carry the maximum number of Lava titan per trip if only mining.

The surrounding area is dangerous due to the presence of level 92 living rock protectors and living rock strikers, which are aggressive to players that come near them; therefore, many players choose to use the worlds 77, 84 and 88 as this allows for players with the addition of macro meat shields to use their sheer numbers to avoid attack from the aggressive living rock creatures nearby. The two southern rocks are used primarily but the north-east and western are used by those who want faster experience rates when the southern ones are both collapsed.

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