Achievement Requirement Details
Completionist Cape Complete all these to be able to obtain the completionist cape.
  • Master Skiller
  • Master Quester
  • Task Master
  • Peachy Bones
  • Bane Tuner
  • Lunar Master
  • Out into the Ourania
  • Pious Prayers
  • Heal, Quickly
  • Kudos to You
  • Music Maestro
  • Abyssal Reach
  • Desert-ed Ghosts
  • Yu'biusk Burial
  • Kiln Fighter
  • Tell Tale Tarn
  • One Foot in the Grave
  • Stay Safe
  • Stay Secure
  • A Bridge over Fremmy Waters
  • Decade-ant Thalassus
  • Long Live the Queen
  • Claus is Rising
  • Big Chinchompa
  • What's Mine is Also Doric's
  • Annihilator
  • Zarosian Memories
  • Seren Memories
  • Port Life
  • Yaktwee's a Charm
  • Bipedal Mask
  • A Trip to the East
  • Walking the Reef
  • Kharshai's Memories
  • Bandos's Memories
  • Reaper Crew
  • Elven Titles
  • Troublesome Crystals
  • I'm Forever Washing Shadows
  • Family Spirit Tree
  • Sing for the Lady
  • A Potion for a Lady
  • Make Them Bleed
  • Uncorrupted Ore
  • Rhian in Gold - The Original
  • Slayer Master
  • The Famous
  • Imping Around
  • Potion Mixer Master
  • Diaries of the Clans
  • Tiny Task Master
  • Almost as Perky as a Prawn
  • Soft as a Vampyre Hunter
  • The Myreque in Memoriam
  • Invention Gives Me the Blues
  • Flag Fall
  • Head of the Family
  • Spiritual Enlightenment
  • Jed Hunter
  • Unlocking Waiko
  • Increased Sales
  • More Supplies
  • Extra Contracts
  • Cheaper Supplies
  • The Art of Bargaining
  • Eye for an Eye
  • Harbinger of Doom
  • Tuai Leit's Own
  • Ghosts from the Past
  • Damage Control
  • Final Destination
  • Ancient Eastern Tortle Portals
  • Sucking on Crystal Tools
  • Teletabs, Arc Style
  • Memories of Guthix
  • Boys to Menaphite
Chompy Massacre Kill 4,000 chompy birds.
Scabigail Complete the Scabaras research.
  • Tattered papyrus
  • Shabby papyrus
  • Smelly papyrus
  • Fine papyrus
  • Cheap papyrus
  • Well-made papyrus
  • High-grade papyrus
  • Greasy papyrus
  • Damp papyrus
  • Oily papyrus
  • Scented papyrus
  • Soft papyrus
  • Brittle papyrus
  • Recent papyrus
  • Well-preserved papyrus
  • Exquisite papyrus
  • Hastily-written papyrus
  • Tatty papyrus
  • Creased papyrus
On a Rune High Unlock the highest rune shop from Ali Morrisane. Completing this achievement requires you to open a Large casket of runes. Simply unlocking the ability to open them, or opening a Small casket, is insufficient.
Around the World in Six Ways Unlock all hot-air balloon travel routes.
Eeeeagle! Fully unlock all eagle transport routes.
Count All Light Fingers Fully upgrade the Thieves' Guild.
Post Fume Defeat all desert slayer dungeon bosses after the 'Smoking Kills' quest.
  • Monstrous Cave Crawler
  • Basilisk Boss
  • Mightiest Turoth
  • Kurask Overlord
Ferocious Upgrade Unlock the upgrade to the ferocious ring so it can be used in Morvran's arena.
Special Slayer Delivery Unlock the ability to craft all Slayer items, including fused helmets, and to deliver killing blows quicker.
Agile from Head to Toe Unlock the agile top and leg rewards from advanced Agility courses. This requires completing 250 laps on both courses.
The White Knight Rises Achieve the Master White Knight rank.
Advanced Sweeping Fully enchant your broomstick after the 'Swept Away' quest. This includes unlocking the teleport option and getting all Magic experience.
Witch's Potion Complete the 'Witch's Potion' miniquest.
Sheep Shearer Complete the 'Sheep Shearer' miniquest.
Banking History Find all hidden treasure from the 'Making History' quest.
Conquest Adore Achieve 1,250+ Conquest rank.
Milk of Chocolate, Snape of Grass Sober up Skippy.
Ivan is Flailing Unlock the full power of the Ivandis Flail. This also upgrades blisterwood weapons by burning 500 Vyre corpses.
How Many Games? Show a full set of profound armour to Lanthus. Speaking to Lanthus with the set equipped is enough.
Mobilise This Achieve maximum access to Mobilising Armies rewards. This requires 401 Rank.
Champions, What Champions? Defeat all champions.
Master of Assault Achieve maximum rank in each Barbarian Assault role.
All Rise Complete all Court Cases.
  • Mugger (level: 6) vs Roger Murray
  • River troll vs The People
  • Drunken Dwarf vs The People
  • Evil Twin vs Good Twin
  • Rick Turpentine vs The (Rich) People
  • The Mime vs The People
  • The Frog Prine vs The People
  • The Gravedigger vs The People
  • EVIL DAVE vs The People
  • The Sandwich Lady vs The People
  • Party Pete vs His Neighbours
  • Miss Schism vs Draynor Village
  • Sawmill Man vs The People
  • Ernest vs Professor Oddenstein
  • H.A.M. vs Dorgeshuun
  • Barbarians vs Wizards
Ice Ice Chimpy Complete 25 chimp ice deliveries.
Master Otto Complete all barbarian training with Otto.
Barbarian Scavenger Find all barbarian notes in the Ancient Cavern.
Work On Your Artisan Unlock all rewards from the Artisans' Workshop.
Jack of the Circus Obtain all circus clothing.
Stone's Throw Away Complete the Dahmaroc statue in your player-owned house.
Scrolling with Power Unlocked the following scroll traits:
Complete Trekky Fully level up all Temple Trekking companions.
  • Dean Vellio
  • Jayene Kliyn
  • Smiddi Ryak
  • Pazuzu
  • Zachory Bragg
  • Rolayne Twickit
Impressing Char Create Char's most treasured symbol in her training cave. This refers to a Zaros symbol.
Rank: Master Finix Obtain rank 1 esteem from Wizard Finix.
Master Angler Purchase the champion's tackle box from the Fish Flingers fisherman.
Scribbling in the Depths Obtain the hidden rewards after the 'Song from the Depths' quest.
Quiet but Deadly Lore Defeat the Queen Black Dragon and obtain all four dragonkin journals.
Eastern Explorer Explore the Eastern Lands as far as the Shield from your port.
Eastern Adventurer Complete the following storylines from your Player Owned Port:
Finish Him! Personally defeat Vorago with the Maul of Omens.
Shadows Below Survive the shadow beneath the barrows.
Hard as Daemons Earn the right to wear the title 'of Daemonheim'. This is done by completing floors 1-60 on Hard Mode in Dungeoneering.
The Green God Chronicles Unlock all ten elder chronicle entries.
Death Effect Unlock all permanent effects from Death's store.
Penance to the King Kill the penance king in Barbarian Assault. This rewards the title 'the Penance Slayer'.
Kal'gerion Commander Unlock the following Kal'gerion battle commendation titles:
  • Bloodchiller
  • RiftSplitter
  • Pummeller
  • Thunderous
  • Warmonger
Who Will Be Her Lover? Complete the replica statue of Rhiannon in the Max Guild garden. This requires completing the regular statue 32 times.
Maria, You Gotta See Her Complete all three additional challenges from Maria in the Broken Home quest.
Perky like a Prawn Gain all possible Prawn Perk points for your Aquarium.
Slime and Snails and God Wars Tales Complete the Tales of the God Wars.
Telos If You're Angry Defeat Telos at 100% enrage.
Nomad's Mirage Defeat the Memory of Nomad and loot one of his bounty chests.
Nomad's Genesis Complete the 'Tales of Nomad' miniquest.
Mitts and Waders - Death Lotus Unlock the death lotus gloves and boots scrolls from the Waiko reward shop.
Mitts and Waders - Seasinger Unlock the seasinger gloves and boots scrolls from the Waiko reward shop.
Mitts and Waders - Tetsu Unlock the tetsu gloves and boots scrolls from the Waiko reward shop.
Arc - Don't Crush my Memories Unlock the memory-crushing scrimshaw scroll from the Waiko ports reward shop.
Arc - All Your Energies Unlock the energy-gathering scrimshaw scroll from Waiko ports reward shop.
Arc - Bone To Pick With You Unlock the bonecrusher upgrade from the Waiko reward shop.
Memorialised More Than Once Unlock the ability to have all four rewards active within the Memorial to Guthix. This requires prestiging the memorial three times.
Lock, Stock and Barrel Earn tier 10 reputation with the Merchant faction.
Class Crown Earn tier 10 reputation with the Imperial faction.
Seagullible Earn tier 10 reputation with the Port faction.
To The Bone Earn tier 10 reputation with the Worker faction.
To Be a Master Fully complete the Slayer Codex.
Mazcab Teleport Unlock the Mazcab Teleport spell.

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