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Completionist cape detail

The completionist cape is the best cape in the game and is awarded to players who have "completed the game" by finishing all major content available. When bought, it comes with a corresponding hood. It can be bought in Varrock Museum for 5,000,000 coins from the museum guard on the top floor by members who have all skills trained up to 99, Dungeoneering, Slayer and Invention up to 120, completed all quests and tasks, unlocked all the music tracks, prayers, and magic spells (except for Bounty Teleport), and completed a number of other requirements listed below. The cape can then be upgraded to a trimmed version after completing a list of additional requirements including unlocking profound decorative armour at Castle Wars and a full statue of Dahmaroc in the player's house. This does not increase the cape's stats. The minimum experience to wear this cape is 601,991,332.

As new content (quests, tasks, accomplishments, etc.) is introduced, much of it is added to the requirements for the regular or trimmed version of the cape, which makes it extremely hard to wear for a long period of time. If a player is wearing the cape when new content is added to the requirements, it will be unequipped and placed in their inventory. If their inventory is full it will be placed in their bank.

Equipping the untrimmed cape will unlock the [Name] the Completionist title. This title can be used without wearing the cape once unlocked, and will re-lock when the cape is unable to be worn, when the requirements are increased. As long as a player has the right to wear the cape, they may purchase additional capes from the museum guard.

The cape dates back to the Second Age, when it was enchanted by the mage Dahmaroc.

Players who have completed all the requirements for wearing a completionist cape have the ability to sit on the Throne of Fame in the Max Guild.

Touching cape without reqs

A player touching the cape without the requirements.

Touching comp cape with reqs

A player touches the cape with the requirements.

Combat Stats
RequirementsCompletionist cape equipped
Click for details
CombatSwords AllBack slot
AttributesDamage reduction
DefenceArmour65PvM: 0%PvP: 0%
ConstitutionLife points300Style bonuses


Main article: Skillcape Customiser
Completionist cape customiser

The customisation screen for the completionist cape

The colours of a completionist cape can be customised by using the option in the right-click menu of the cape. In the Skillcape Customiser interface, players have the right-click option on the either of the four colour palettes to get or set a certain colour via the HSL colour algorithm (hue, saturation, and luminosity).

If the player already has a customised max cape when claiming the completionist cape, then the completionist cape will automatically be customised in the same way, as these two capes always share the colour selection.

This cape leaves a particle trail behind the owner. These particles change from white to gold when upgraded to the trimmed version. The particles' colour is not customisable beyond this.

Other abilitiesEdit

The cape combines the abilities of several other items:

The Capes of Accomplishment each have a perk. Max, completionist, and trimmed completionist capes can hold up to three of those perks by consuming a cape by using the respective cape on the max or completionist capes. This will delete the Cape of Accomplishment. The added perks are shared between the max and completionist capes. For a list of perks see Cape of Accomplishment#List of Capes of Accomplishment and perks.


Members can buy the cape and hood on the top floor of the Varrock Museum for 5,000,000 coins from the museum guard. If anyone that hasn't met all Achievements tries to touch it, they will be turned into a random animal (including monkeys, squirrels and chickens) and knocked away from the cape. They will also be given a list of remaining Achievements. The easiest way to check your outstanding Achievements is to open the Hero interface. The Achievements tab contains a list of both untrimmed and trimmed cape Achievements both of which can also be filtered to only show outstanding Achievements. Another way is to use the right-click options on the throne in the Max Guild which requires the player to be maxed.


There are 68 achievements in this subcategory.

Name Description RuneScore
Abyssal Reach Unlock access to the Abyss. 10
Almost as Perky as a Prawn Unlock all the Prawn Perks from your Aquarium. 20
Annihilator Earn 'the Annihilator' title by fighting all four nihil at once. 20
Arc - Ancient Eastern Tortle Portals Activate all tortle portals on The Islands That Once Were Turtles. (X/3) 10
Arc - Unlocking Waiko Purchase unlocks from the Waiko reward shop. 30
Arc - Upgrading Waiko Purchase the first tier of upgrades in the Waiko reward shop. 30
Arc III - Spiritual Enlightenment Complete the 'Spiritual Enlightenment' miniquest. 10
Arc II - Head of the Family Complete the 'Head of the Family' miniquest. 10
Arc IV - Jed Hunter Complete the 'Jed Hunter' miniquest. 10
Arc IX - Damage Control Complete the 'Damage Control' miniquest. 10
Arc I - Flag Fall Complete the 'Flag Fall' miniquest. 10
Arc VIII - Ghosts from the Past Complete the 'Ghosts from the Past' miniquest. 10
Arc VII - Tuai Leit's Own Complete the 'Tuai Leit's Own' miniquest. 10
Arc VI - Harbinger of Doom Complete the 'Harbinger of Doom' miniquest. 10
Arc V - Eye for an Eye Complete the 'Eye for an Eye' miniquest. 10
Arc X - Final Destination Complete the 'Final Destination' miniquest. 20
Bandos's Memories Recover all 14 of Bandos's memories on Yu'biusk. 15
Bane Tuner Unlock the spell: Tune Bane Ore. 25
Big Chinchompa Score 1,111 in a session of the Big Chinchompa minigame. 5
Bipedal Mask Construct a Tuska mask. 10
Bridge over Fremmy Waters Complete all the unabridged Fremennik Sagas. 15
Claus Is Rising Claim a reward from Claus after doing him a favour. 10
Deadlier Catch Hunt the Thalassus until it flees for good. (X/11) 10
Desert-ed Ghosts Uncover the ghostly backstory around Desert Treasure. 15
Diaries of the Clans Find the clan journal pages from the Hefin Agility Course in Prifddinas. 10
Elven Titles Obtain the titles of the elven clans. 25
Family Spirit Tree Reconnect the Prifddinas spirit tree with her brethren. 10
Famous Earn the title 'The Famous' by completing Morvran's Slayer challenge. 50
Heal, Quickly Unlock the prayer: Rapid Renewal. 15
I'm Forever Washing Shadows Aid Lord Amlodd in cleansing shadow cores. 10
Imping Around Collect one of each impling for Daffyd in Prifddinas. 25
Invention Gives Me the Blues Purchase all of the blueprints for the Invention Technology devices. 30
Kharshai's Memories Recover all 15 memories for Kharshai during the Mahjarrat Memories miniquest. 15
Kiln Fighter Complete the Fight Kiln. 20
Kudos to You Reach full Kudos with the Varrock Museum. (X/198) 25
Long Live the Queen Defeat the Queen Black Dragon and obtain the first dragonkin journal. 10
Lost Toys Find and squeeze Morytania plushies, and return them to Lex in Canifis. 10
Lunar Master Unlock all lunar spells. (X/11) 25
Make Them Bleed Perform well enough in Rush of Blood to impress Morvran. 20
Master Quester Complete all quests. (X/399 Quest Points) 75
Master Skiller Increase all skills to mastery level. 75
Memories of Guthix Attune and hand all engrams in to the Memorial of Guthix. 20
Music Maestro Unlock all music tracks. (X/1216) 50
Myreque in Memoriam Complete construction of the Myreque memorial and help Veliaf to move on. 15
One Foot in the Grave Attend the funeral of Clarence the mage, and receive your reward. 15
Out into the Ourania Unlock the spell: Ourania Teleport. 15
Peachy Bones Unlock the spell: Bones to Peaches. 10
Pious Prayers Unlock the prayers: Chivalry, Piety, Rigour, Augury. 15
Port Life Complete the Player Owned Port tutorial. 5
Potion Mixer Master Unlock all of the combination potion recipes from Clan Meilyr in Prifddinas. 60
Potion for a Lady Help Lady Meilyr to retrieve her lost potion recipes. 15
Reaper Crew Defeat every boss at least once to earn the title 'the Reaper'. 75
Rhian in Gold - The Original Fully build the statue of Rhiannon in the Tower of Voices at least once. 50
Seren Memories Deposit Seren memoriam crystals, then search the Sanctum alcove. 20
Sing for the Lady Help Lady Ithell with crystal singing research. 10
Slayer Master Earn the title 'Slayer Master' from Morvran's platinum Rush of Blood challenge. 45
Stay Safe Fully complete the Stronghold of Player Safety. 5
Stay Secure Fully complete the Stronghold of Security. 5
Task Master Complete all listed Achievements. 75
Tell Tale Tarn Find out about Tarn Razorlor's secrets. 15
Trip to the East Complete one of the trio storylines from your Player Owned Port. 15
Troublesome Crystals Find all of the memoriam crystals in Prifddinas. 10
Uncorrupted Ore Aid Lady Trahaearn in removing some corruption. 10
Walking the Reef Find all reefwalker's cape scroll pieces in Player Owned Ports. (X/4) 15
What's Mine Is Also Doric's Complete all of the Doric and Boric tasks. 10
Yaktwee's a Charm Unlock the enhanced Yaktwee stick by catching charm sprites. (X/1,000) 10
You Be Dead Bury all of the goblin priests in Yu'biusk. 10
Zarosian Memories Deposit Zarosian memoriam crystals, then search the Sanctum alcove. 20



Players who have managed to achieve this cape can perform an emote in which they transform into a dragon, fly up and hover in the air while burning a classic "RS" sign into the ground before landing and transforming back into the player. The RS symbol disappears when the emote is over.

If this emote is performed with a trimmed cape, the dragon is gilded; adding a gold plating to the wing membranes and along the dragon's neck and head. The movements of the emote remain the same.

Comparison with other capesEdit

Name Requirements Cost Bonuses Notes
Completionist cape Completionist cape (t) Completionist cape Completionist cape (t) See notes 5,000,000 coins 65 Defence
300 Constitution
6 Prayer
43 Strength
43 Ranged
43 Magic
Max cape Max cape See notes 2,673,000 coins 44 Defence
5 Prayer
26 Strength
26 Ranged
26 Magic
  • Can hold and use up to three Cape of Accomplishment and use their perks.
  • Requires being at least level 99 in all skills.
Superior reefwalker's cape Superior reefwalker's cape 85 Defence 100 Koi Scales 65 Defence
300 Constitution
14 Strength
14 Ranged
14 Magic
  • The superior reefwalker's cape lasts for 100,000 charges of combat (a minimum of around 17 hours) before degrading and requiring repair. It can be repaired by a Repair NPC or at a player-owned house armour stand for coins, or at the Port workbench using koi scales. A full recharge costs:
  • Collecting all scroll pieces for this cape is a Completionist cape requirement.
TokHaar-Kal-Ket TokHaar-Kal-Xil TokHaar-Kal-Mej TokHaar-Kal-Ket TokHaar-Kal-Xil TokHaar-Kal-Mej See notes None 44 Defence
2 Prayer
31 Strength or Ranged or Magic
  • Requires the completion of the Fight Kiln with the most of your damage being done with the style of the cape that you want.
Quest point cape Cape of Accomplishment 99 in the respective skill or maximum quest points 99,000 coins 33 Defence
2 Prayer
21 Strength
21 Ranged
21 Magic


  • A completionist cape beats every other cape in all fields of equipment bonuses except for the weight, which is higher than several other capes, including the spotted cape, the spottier cape, and the wicked cape.
  • The completionist cape was first mentioned in the Capes of Distinction Developers' Blog; it was referred to as the "uber cape" at that point.
  • Unlocking all the emotes is not a requirement for the Completionist cape, for many of them must be bought with real life money and some are discontinued.
  • After the player buys their first completionist cape, their Adventurer's Log reads:
    Bought my first completionist cape.
    I visited the Varrock Museum and took rightful ownership of my completionist cape.
  • With an update in October 2011, the particle trail of the cape was extended.
  • There was previously a bug where if the cape was keepsaked and a max cape or second completionist cape is customised, it will not immediately change the keepsaked cape. However, wearing the actual cape, deactivating and reactivating the override, or logging in and out would make the change take effect. This has since been fixed.
  • Earning or trimming the completionist cape for the first time broadcasts a message globally.
  • As of the patches made on 17 December 2013, the cape will only convert to 5 million coins if lost in the Wilderness, and normally remains as an item in a grave. However, if a player possesses another cape before they return to their grave in attempt to obtain multiple capes, the one in the grave will be converted to 5 million coins.
  • With the update of player-owned ports on 7 January 2014, the cape's life points stats and armour rating were upgraded to match those of the superior reefwalker's cape.
  • The completionist cape used to be the most expensive item purchased from a store or NPC.
  • On 1 July 2014, the armour bonus of the cape changed from 207 to 65.
  • The Completionist cape used to change back to its original colours upon entering the wilderness or other PvP-enabled areas due to cosmetic overrides not being permitted in such locations. The max cape would do so as well. This has since been fixed.
  • The update on 24 August 2015 made it possible for Ironmen and Hardcore Ironmen to receive the Completionist cape.
  • There was a bug where, if a player owned a keepsaked cape and lost the requirements to use it and then regained such ability, the keepsaked cape would sometimes remain locked until the player logged out and back in. This even happened if the item was equipped from the inventory or bank. This was fixed on 29 February 2016.
  • Despite the stated requirement of having completed all quests actually checks for maximum quest points. Thus, it is not actually necessary to complete all quests to meet this requirement if a player completed the original version of a later reworked quest (i.e. if a player has completed Romeo and Juliet prior to its removal, completion of Gunnar's Ground is not necessary to meet this requirement). However, starting or completing all the reworked quests may be necessary to meet other requirements, such as unlocking music tracks.
  • When the completionist cape was first released, the examine text said: "You have completed RuneScape; go outside."