For the cape, see Completionist cape.
Completionist Cape
Complete all these to be able to obtain the completionist cape.
Release date 18 April 2017 (Update)
Members Yes
Category Completionist
Subcategory Trimmed Completionist Cape
RuneScore Runescore 75
Requirements See achievements

Completionist Cape is an achievement that requires the player to complete all completionist cape achievements.


This achievement has 70 subachievements.

Name Runescore Description
Abyssal Reach 10 Unlock access to the Abyss.
Almost as Perky as a Prawn 20 Unlock all the Prawn Perks from your Aquarium.
Annihilator 20 Earn 'the Annihilator' title by fighting all four nihil at once.
Arc - Ancient Eastern Tortle Portals 10 Activate all tortle portals on The Islands That Once Were Turtles. (x/3)
Arc - Unlocking Waiko 30 Purchase unlocks from the Waiko reward shop.
Arc - Upgrading Waiko 30 Purchase the first tier of upgrades in the Waiko reward shop.
Arc III - Spiritual Enlightenment 10 Complete the 'Spiritual Enlightenment' miniquest.
Arc II - Head of the Family 10 Complete the 'Head of the Family' miniquest.
Arc IV - Jed Hunter 10 Complete the 'Jed Hunter' miniquest.
Arc IX - Damage Control 10 Complete the 'Damage Control' miniquest.
Arc I - Flag Fall 10 Complete the 'Flag Fall' miniquest.
Arc VIII - Ghosts from the Past 10 Complete the 'Ghosts from the Past' miniquest.
Arc VII - Tuai Leit's Own 10 Complete the 'Tuai Leit's Own' miniquest.
Arc VI - Harbinger of Doom 10 Complete the 'Harbinger of Doom' miniquest.
Arc V - Eye for an Eye 10 Complete the 'Eye for an Eye' miniquest.
Arc X - Final Destination 20 Complete the 'Final Destination' miniquest.
Bandos's Memories 15 Recover all 14 of Bandos's memories on Yu'biusk.
Bane Tuner 25 Unlock the spell: Tune Bane Ore.
Big Chinchompa 5 Score 1,111 in a session of the Big Chinchompa minigame.
Bipedal Mask 10 Construct a Tuska mask.
Boys to Menaphites 50 Earn tier 10 Menaphos reputation.
Bridge over Fremmy Waters 15 Complete all the unabridged Fremennik Sagas.
Claus Is Rising 10 Claim a reward from Claus after doing him a favour.
Deadlier Catch 10 Hunt the Thalassus until it flees for good. (x/11)
Desert-ed Ghosts 15 Uncover the ghostly backstory around Desert Treasure.
Diaries of the Clans 10 Find the clan journal pages from the Hefin Agility Course in Prifddinas.
Elven Titles 25 Obtain the following titles:
Family Spirit Tree 10 Reconnect the Prifddinas spirit tree with her brethren.
Famous 50 Earn the title 'The Famous' by completing Morvran's Slayer challenge.
Heal, Quickly 15 Unlock the prayer: Rapid Renewal.
I'm Forever Washing Shadows 10 Aid Lord Amlodd in cleansing shadow cores.
Imping Around 25 Collect one of each impling for Daffyd in Prifddinas.
Invention Gives Me the Blues 30 Purchase all of the blueprints for the Invention Technology devices.
Kharshai's Memories 15 Recover all 15 memories for Kharshai during the Mahjarrat Memories miniquest.
Kiln Fighter 20 Complete the Fight Kiln.
Kudos to You 25 Reach full Kudos with the Varrock Museum. (x/198)
Long Live the Queen 10 Defeat the Queen Black Dragon and obtain the first dragonkin journal.
Lost Toys 10 Find and squeeze Morytania plushies, and return them to Lex in Canifis.
Lunar Master 25 Unlock all lunar spells. (x/11)
Make Them Bleed 20 Perform well enough in Rush of Blood to impress Morvran.
Master Quester 75 Complete all quests. (x/394 Quest Points)
Master Skiller 75 Increase all skills to mastery level.
Memories of Guthix 20 Attune and hand all engrams in to the Memorial of Guthix.
Music Maestro 50 Unlock all music tracks. (x/1201)
Myreque in Memoriam 15 Complete construction of the Myreque memorial and help Veliaf to move on.
One Foot in the Grave 15 Attend the funeral of Clarence the mage, and receive your reward.
Out into the Ourania 15 Unlock the spell: Ourania Teleport.
Peachy Bones 10 Unlock the spell: Bones to Peaches.
Pious Prayers 15 Unlock the prayers: Chivalry, Piety, Rigour, Augury.
Port Life 5 Complete the Player Owned Port tutorial.
Potion Mixer Master 60 Unlock all of the combination potion recipes from Clan Meilyr in Prifddinas.
Potion for a Lady 15 Help Lady Meilyr to retrieve her lost potion recipes.
Reaper Crew 75 Defeat every boss at least once to earn the title 'the Reaper'.
Rhian in Gold - The Original 50 Fully build the statue of Rhiannon in the Tower of Voices at least once.
Seren Memories 20 Deposit Seren memoriam crystals, then search the Sanctum alcove..
Sing for the Lady 10 Help Lady Ithell with crystal singing research.
Slayer Master 45 Earn the title 'Slayer Master' from Morvran's platinum Rush of Blood challenge.
Stay Safe 5 Fully complete the Stronghold of Player Safety.
Stay Secure 5 Fully complete the Stronghold of Security.
Task Master 75 Complete all listed Achievements.
Tell Tale Tarn 15 Find out about Tarn Razorlor's secrets.
Tiny Task Master 40 Complete all of Tiny Zemouregal's Achievements in New Varrock.
Trip to the East 15 Complete one of the trio storylines from your Player Owned Port.
Troublesome Crystals 10 Find all of the memoriam crystals in Prifddinas.
Uncorrupted Ore 10 Aid Lady Trahaearn in removing some corruption.
Walking the Reef 15 Find all reefwalker's cape scroll pieces in Player Owned Ports. (x/4)
What's Mine Is Also Doric's 10 Complete all of the Doric and Boric tasks.
Yaktwee's a Charm 10 Unlock the enhanced Yaktwee stick by catching charm sprites. (x/1,000)
You Be Dead 10 Bury all of the goblin priests in Yu'biusk.
Zarosian Memories 20 Deposit Zarosian memoriam crystals, then search the Sanctum alcove.

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