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Comp ogre bow detail

The comp ogre bow was released with the quest Zogre Flesh Eaters. A Ranged level of 30 is required to wield this bow. Its accuracy and attack speed is equal to that of a maple shortbow. It uses two types of arrows: brutal arrows, which are fashioned from achey tree log arrowshafts and different types of nails, effective in killing zogres; and ogre arrows, effective in killing chompy birds and jubblies.

In order to equip this bow, players must first speak with Grish after reaching a certain point in the Zogre Flesh Eaters (before the final battle).

It is made by using a knife on an achey tree log with wolf bones in a player's inventory to create an unstrung comp bow, which can then be strung with a bowstring to create the finished bow. This is the only composite bow that can be made through the Fletching skill.

Players can click on the ogre bow or comp ogre bow to check how many chompy birds they have killed in the Big Chompy Bird Hunting activity, to see if they qualify for a Chompy hat.

Combat Stats
RequirementsComp ogre bow equipped
30 Ranged
Ranged Ranged2h slot
Fast (3.0s)
AttributesDamage reduction
DefenceArmour0PvM: 0%PvP: 0%
ConstitutionLife points0Style bonuses


Comp ogre bow Comp ogre bow
Fletching-Make-X GE icon
45 XP--
Fletching Fletching level30
Quests Partial completion of Zogre Flesh Eaters
P2P icon Members onlyYes
Unstrung comp bowUnstrung comp bow1571571
Total price775


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Store locationsEdit

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Seller Cost Currency Base stock Members?
Dargaud's Bows and Arrows180Coins 100Coins 10Yes
Hickton's Archery Emporium180Coins 100Coins 1Yes
Uglug's Stuffsies180Coins 100Coins 10Yes

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