Community management, also known as CM, are a team of Jagex employees dedicated to customer support and communication. They ensure that any feedback given by the community is passed along to the relevant people within the company.


The role of community management at Jagex is to represent the company to the players of their games, including RuneScape and Old School RuneScape. They do this by communicating on various social media websites, such as Twitter, Facebook and Reddit. They will also often post news on the RuneScape website and forums regarding the latest changes and updates, as well as conducting polls and player events.


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Mod BalanceEdit

Mod Balance is the head of community management at Jagex. He originally joined the company in November 2013 as a community engagement specialist.[1] His role is to oversee the other members of the community management team and actively engage with the community on social media.

Mod ShaunyEdit

Mod Shauny has been a community manager for RuneScape since the end of 2015.[2] He regularly interacts with the community to respond to player feedback on both Reddit and the official RuneScape Forums. Shauny is also a regular presenter of livestreams on RuneScape's official Twitch and YouTube channel, and hosts a variety of in-game events. Shauny originally had a phone interview with Jagex on 17 June 2013 but wasn't offered the job until much later.[3]

Mod JonEdit

Mod Jon is a broadcast manager for RuneScape and Chronicle: RuneScape Legends. He helps to run and broadcast streams that take place on Twitch and YouTube.

Mod JDEdit

Mod JD is a social media and streaming manager for RuneScape who joined Jagex in March 2014.[4] He helps to communicate the latest news, updates and information to players through a variety of different social media networks.

Mod MattHeEdit

Mod MattHe is a community manager for Jagex. Before that, he had a role as new player experience specialist, and had worked in Player Support.[5]

Mod LeeEdit

Mod Lee is a community manager and video marketing executive for RuneScape. Lee has produced a lot of video content relating to RuneScape even prior to being hired by Jagex, going by the name Regicidal.[6] The type of videos he has created have ranged from being informative, to music videos, and general commentaries. Mod Lee lives in the United States, in contrast to the majority of other Jagex employees.


Mod RavenEdit

Mod Raven used to be a member of the community team until switching to content development in 2010.

Mod CrowEdit

Mod Crow is Mod Raven's brother and a former community moderator. He left the company in 2014.

Mod EmileeEdit

Mod Emilee was a community moderator that went on maternity leave in 2012. She was well known for her forum avatar of a monkey's head and frequent impersonation of monkeys.

Mod JaneEdit

Mod Jane was the head of community management for Jagex until May 2015.[7] She was featured regularly during RuneFest and the GameBlast streams.

Mod Mark HEdit

Mod Mark H was a community management representative from September 2005 until May 2011. He was responsible for engaging player feedback along with running in-game events and competitions. Since leaving Jagex, he has had a number of community management roles including working for YouTube creator network The Yogscast.[8]

Mod InfinityEdit

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Mod KalayaEdit

Mod Kalaya was a community manager at Jagex since August 2014. She previously worked in Player Support, working on issues relating to payments and accounts. She has now moved teams and works as a Junior Product Manger at Jagex. [9]

Mod MichelleEdit

Mod Michelle used to work on Community Management as well as the Jagex-run wiki. She left in 2015, after which the wiki was discontinued. The pig Jambon was released as a tribute.

Mod NeenaEdit

Mod Neena worked in community management for Jagex. She served as a bridge of communication between Player Moderators and the company, as well as organising player visits to their studio.[10] In July 2016, she switched roles to become a marketing campaign executive[11] before leaving the company in August 2017.[12]

Mod PhoenixEdit

Mod Phoenix worked on the CM team throughout 2013 and 2014 before leaving the company.

Mod PoppyEdit

Mod Poppy was a CM moderator known for her catchphrase "pretty in pink".

Mod Sushi PiEdit

Mod Sushi Pi worked in community management for RuneScape until September 2013.[13]

Mod SkyEdit

Mod Sky joined RuneScape's community management team in June 2015.[14] She had previously worked in marketing for Jagex. In September 2016, Sky announced that her last day working at Jagex would be during RuneFest 2016.[15]


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