For the title, see Community Helper (title).

A Community Helper is a player selected by Jagex staff to assist and promote the community on the RuneScape Forums or Twitter. They were added to the game and forums on 18 January 2016. It is possible for a Player Moderator and/or Forum Moderator in addition to regular players to be a Community Helper.

Unlike a Forum Moderator, the only tool that they have access to is the ability to move a thread from a few specific forums to the Helper forums.[1]

Community Helpers can be recognised by their in-game title Community Helper [Name], which also displays on the forums. It is possible to switch to a different title while being part of the team; and while not required, they are encouraged to wear the title while part of the team.


  1. ^ Mod Infinity. "Forum Community Helpers." 18 January 2016. RuneScape Forums.

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