Commorb detail

The Commorb is a members-only quest item first obtained during the Wanted! quest from Sir Tiffy Cashien. It is used to contact the Temple Knight agent, Savant. Savant helps player during multiple quests including Wanted! and Slug Menace. Sir Tiffy would give another separate commorb for you to contact Jessika and Korasi during A Void Dance. In the final cutscene of A Void Dance, it was shown that Tyr also has a commorb.

The Commorb can be upgraded after starting the Slug Menace quest to the Commorb v2.


Commorb Scanning

A player scanning with the Commorb.

  • Commorb is short for Communication Orb.
  • If you try to use the Contact option on your Commorb after completion of the Wanted! quest, a message will appear in the chat window saying: "Your Comm Orb remains dark."
  • If you try to scan with the Commorb after completion of the Wanted! and Slug Menace quests, a message will appear in the chat window saying: "You have nothing to scan for..."
  • If you keep clicking the scan option with the Commorb you will hold the Commorb up without your hands. This has since been fixed.
  • There is currently a glitch where if a player is following you and you use the commorb, the player will run backwards
  • If you try to scan with the Commorb while in combat, "You can't use the orb while you're in combat!" appears in the chatbox.
  • The Commorb is a commonly used item amongst roleplayers on World 42, albeit usually in an altered form.
  • There is a glitch, where the chathead of someone being contacted via the Commorb will have a big blue circle around their chathead, expanding outside of the window.

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