Commander Akhomet (Imperial)
Commander Akhomet (Imperial)
Release date 5 June 2017 (Update)
Race Human
Members Yes
Quest NPC
Location(s) Imperial district of Menaphos
Sells items No
Gender Female
Examine The stern leader of the Menaphite Guard.
Commander Akhomet (Imperial) location
Commander Akhomet (Imperial) chathead

Commander Akhomet (Imperial) is the faction leader of the Imperial district in Menaphos. She is first met during The Jack of Spades quest. After the player is sent to meet her by 'Admiral' Wadud, the Jack of Spades steals her ceremonial dagger.

Ozan reveals that while she used to be a great soldier, her personality changed during the war, becoming more of a "yes" woman, complying with the Pharaoh's insane orders and bullying her soldiers.

She cares greatly for the inhabitants of Menaphos. In Our Man in the North, even though she knows that it researching historical texts and bloodlines are forbidden and the city is on lockdown, she allows Aristarchus entry into the city due to being a citizen of Menaphos. She also has her doubts about the plague, as she has been in contact with the Sophanem High Priest.

During 'Phite Club, the player meets with Akhomet again in order to secure imperial signets for Batal. Akhomet is surprised that the player would speak openly about overthrowing the Pharaoh, and admits that if they were a soldier under her command, would have them publicly flogged. She cannot deny the Pharaoh's state and agrees to join if he is mentally evaluated and that the Jack of Spades is apprehended. When the player brings her the Jack's bloody hood, she is surprised they killed them, and asks what they did with the body. Upon hearing that it was burned, she is impressed that the player honoured Menaphite traditions and gives them some imperial signets.