Combat robes are a set of free-to-play magic armour obtained as a reward from the Fist of Guthix minigame. The robes, which consist of a hood, top, and bottom, require a magic level of 20 and a defence level of 20 to wear. They are the lowest-level PvP armour available.

These robes can be purchased from Reggie's store in the Fist of Guthix lobby for 300 Fist of Guthix tokens. While wearing a complete set of combat robes, combat spells will have a 5% chance to be cast free of charge. If this happens, a notification will appear in the game feed.

Similar to the Barrows equipment, combat robes will degrade over time, starting with 100 charges and becoming fully degraded after 100 uses. The individual components may only be traded when completely degraded. The full set of robes costs 30 Fist of Guthix tokens to recharge.

  • The robe top costs 40,543 on the Grand exchange or 150 Fist of Guthix tokens (15 to recharge).
  • The robe bottom costs 21,759 on the Grand Exchange or 100 Fist of Guthix tokens (10 to recharge).
  • The hood costs 1,947 on the Grand Exchange or 50 Fist of Guthix tokens (5 to recharge).
  • The whole set would cost a total of 64,249 or a total of 300 Fist of Guthix tokens (30 to recharge).

Components and bonusesEdit

AttributeStyle bonusPrice
Combat hood 100Combat hood6300--41,947 + Fist of Guthix token 5 OR Fist of Guthix token 50
Combat robe top 100Combat robe top7200--740,543 + Fist of Guthix token 15 OR Fist of Guthix token 150
Combat robe bottom 100Combat robe bottom6900--621,759 + Fist of Guthix token 10 OR Fist of Guthix token 100
Totals20400--1764,249 + Fist of Guthix token 30 OR Fist of Guthix token 300


  • Alongside the charged Battle and Druidic mage robes, the Combat robes are some of the only degradable magic equipment in the free-to-play world.
  • The Combat hood used to be competitively priced with the other two items on the Grand exchange, but that is not the case anymore. Now it is ten times cheaper.

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