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The combat book is found in a recruit's bunk during the Legacy of Seergaze quest. It tells the player about flails and that the Vyrewatch might be vulnerable to such a weapon. The only unique option available is to read it which informs the player,

  • You begin to read the book on combat, it seems quite worn. You skip past spears on page 70 and hammers on page 68, but you enjoy reading a little about ranged weapons on page 74.
  • The entry on flails at page 73 is quite brief - taking note of the importance of correct posture on page 76 and suitable armour options on page 78, you realise that the flail is probably the weapon you're looking for.
  • Reading briefly, you realise the flail is a difficult weapon to master. Many quotes from eminent warriors attest to the weapon's 'strange handling' and 'unwieldy manner of attack'.


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