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Colossal bomb detail

A colossal bomb is an item used in the Dominion Tower. They can be received as a power-up reward after all of the journal pages have been found in addition to a Dominion Factor of 10,000. They are also available as a power-up in the Special mode match Hey! Eat Power-up.

The bombs can be detonated in a Dominion tower battle to deal a large amount of damage to all enemies in the arena.

Once you have unlocked the power-up on the Tower's rewards screen, you can receive colossal bombs as rewards even if you have a Dominion Factor lower than 10,000. For example, it is still possible to receive one after completing a single boss fight in Endurance mode and quitting. However this is not the best way to obtain these. If you are having trouble getting one try aiming for a high score.


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