CoinShare is an optional LootShare ability that converts valuable drops into item shards. Each player receives an equal portion of the 120 shards dropped. Items not split by CoinShare will be divided normally by LootShare. CoinShare can be toggled in the Friends Chat settings.

Coinshare example

An example of CoinShare

CoinShare allows teams to be formed on a temporary basis. LootShare will only generate a fair split of large drops if the team remains together long enough to receive several such drops (at least 1 per member). CoinShare's immediate split lets each member take their share, and walk away after even a single large drop.

As of 19 June 2017, 76 items affected by CoinShare have been updated to be split in the form of Item shards, which creates 120 shards of that item instead, and all players who are within 20 spaces of the killed monster with CoinShare active will receive equal amounts of shards that will go straight to the bank.

Drops Affected by CoinShareEdit

CoinShare only works on special drops by specific monsters. Such items are listed below:

God Wars DungeonEdit

The Heart: God Wars Dungeon 2Edit


  • Historically, many more items were eligible for CoinShare, such as Godsword shards, Bandos boots and Dragon daggers. When they were given as a drop, they were sold at the Grand Exchange for 10% off their current price and players had to pick up their share, rather than the coins being sent to the bank.

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