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For information on the summoning familiar, see Spirit cockatrice.
For information on the familiar used during the 2008 Easter event, see Chocatrice.
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Cockatrice are Slayer monsters that require level 25 Slayer to kill. They frequently drop limpwurt roots, which is their main food source, used in the Herblore skill.

In the quest Fur 'n' Seek, cockatrice skin must be collected and cleaned for the Odd Old Man.


Protective equipmentEdit

Equipment is necessary to avoid the stat-draining attack of the cockatrice. Any of the following can be used:

Players without 20 defence can still be assigned these to kill as a slayer task.

Once a day you can force a Cockatrice slayer assignment by talking to Mazchna or Vannaka whilst wearing the Mask of Stone or Helm of Petrifications.

Strengths and weaknessesEdit


Cockatrices in the Fremennik Slayer Dungeon.

Cockatrice have a special stat-draining attack, which they use if the player is not wearing protective equipment. It will shoot out beams from its eyes quickly reducing combat stats (including agility) to dangerously low levels (1/4 of the player's original levels e.g. 15/60) and causes rapid damage for up to 110 life points per hit (it does more damage with higher levels). These beams always hit a fixed amount. That's why you carry the mirror shield.

If the player is protected however, they fight using standard melee and ranged attacks. They have few life points and do not hit substantially. Their attack speed is the same as a scimitar or mace. They are weak against crush attacks, although any melee weapon will suffice.



Item Quantity Rarity GE market price

Summoning CharmsEdit

Charm drop numbers
No charmGold charmGreen charmCrimson charmBlue charm
Represents a 90% confidence range.
Based on a sample of 20,645 kills.
1 charm is dropped at a time.
Please add to the log.
(Only if 50 or more creatures are killed)


Item Quantity Rarity GE market price
Iron swordIron sword1Common23
Steel daggerSteel dagger1Common33
Steel longswordSteel longsword1Common89
Iron javelinIron javelin5Uncommon95
Steel platelegsSteel platelegs1Uncommon229
Iron bootsIron boots1Uncommon1,440
Mystic boots (light)Mystic boots (light)1Rare5,954
Rune helmRune helm1Very rare10,629
Rune chainbodyRune chainbody1Very rare29,099


Item Quantity Rarity GE market price
Water runeWater rune1–2Common21–42
Fire runeFire rune7Common427
Nature runeNature rune2; 4; 6Common614–1,842
Law runeLaw rune2; 3Common680–1,020
Death runeDeath rune50Uncommon18,250

Grimy herbsEdit

Item Quantity Rarity GE market price
Grimy guamGrimy guam1Common377
Grimy marrentillGrimy marrentill1Common169
Grimy tarrominGrimy tarromin1Common24
Grimy harralanderGrimy harralander1Common110
Grimy iritGrimy irit1Common2,723
Grimy avantoeGrimy avantoe1Common5,770
Grimy ranarrGrimy ranarr1Rare3,788
Grimy kwuarmGrimy kwuarm1Rare6,211
Grimy cadantineGrimy cadantine1Rare2,923
Grimy lantadymeGrimy lantadyme1Rare7,672
Grimy dwarf weedGrimy dwarf weed1Very rare8,555


Item Quantity Rarity GE market price
Potato seed 5Potato seed4Common28
Onion seed 5Onion seed4Common8
Cabbage seed 5Cabbage seed4Common28
Tomato seed 5Tomato seed3Common6
Asgarnian seed 5Asgarnian seed3Common6
Yanillian seed 5Yanillian seed2Common62
Sweetcorn seed 5Sweetcorn seed3Common21
Strawberry seed 5Strawberry seed2; 4Common912–1,824
Watermelon seed 5Watermelon seed2Rare3,968
Herb seed 5Ranarr seed1Rare1,018
Marigold seed 5Marigold seed1Rare30
Wildblood seed 5Wildblood seed1Rare121


Item Quantity Rarity GE market price
Coins 250Coins1; 5; 15; 28; 42; 62; 274; 309CommonNot sold
Limpwurt rootLimpwurt root1Common1,415
Cockatrice eggCockatrice egg1Common1,701
Clue scroll (medium)Clue scroll (medium)1RareNot sold
Spirit sapphireSpirit sapphire1RareNot sold
Spirit emeraldSpirit emerald1RareNot sold
Spirit rubySpirit ruby1RareNot sold
Mithril oreMithril ore1Rare360
Cockatrice headCockatrice head1Very rareNot sold
Starved ancient effigyStarved ancient effigy1Very rareNot sold

Rare drop table dropsEdit

This monster has access to the rare drop table.
The ring of wealth is not required to access the table.
Show/hide rare drop table
Item Quantity Rarity GE market price
Coins 1000Coins50; 250–500; 3,000CommonNot sold
Uncut sapphireUncut sapphire1Common1,124
Uncut emeraldUncut emerald1Common2,093
Uncut rubyUncut ruby1Uncommon2,910
Uncut diamondUncut diamond1; 2; 45–55 (noted)Uncommon5,212–286,660
Loop half of a keyLoop half of a key1Uncommon24,545
Tooth half of a keyTooth half of a key1Uncommon34,487
Uncut dragonstoneUncut dragonstone1; 45–55 (noted)Uncommon13,375–735,625
Dragon longswordDragon longsword1Uncommon57,845
Dragon spearDragon spear1Uncommon36,246
BattlestaffBattlestaff180–220 (noted)Uncommon1,406,160–1,718,640
Rune javelinRune javelin5Rare895
Rune platebodyRune platebody18–22 (noted)Uncommon686,214–838,706
Shield left halfShield left half1Uncommon64,612
Dragon helmDragon helm1Uncommon58,874
Rune arrowheads 5Rune arrowheads113–137Uncommon22,035–26,715
Onyx bolts 5Onyx bolts135–165Uncommon1,136,430–1,388,970
Vecna skullVecna skull1Uncommon71,211
Water talismanWater talisman65–82 (noted)Uncommon954,460–1,204,088
Earth talismanEarth talisman65–82 (noted)Uncommon293,735–370,558
Fire talismanFire talisman25–35 (noted)Uncommon101,525–142,135
Chaos talismanChaos talisman1Uncommon586
Nature talismanNature talisman1Uncommon303
Raw lobsterRaw lobster135–165 (noted)Uncommon47,385–57,915
Raw sharkRaw shark225–275 (noted)Uncommon270,900–331,100
Big bonesBig bones80–90 (noted)Uncommon37,120–41,760
Dragon bonesDragon bones180–220 (noted)Uncommon433,980–530,420
CoalCoal200–1,100 (noted)Uncommon64,400–354,200
Gold oreGold ore90–110 (noted)Uncommon20,070–24,530
Adamantite oreAdamantite ore180–220 (noted)Uncommon251,820–307,780
Adamant barAdamant bar15 (noted)Common49,935
Adamant barAdamant bar135–165 (noted)Rare449,415–549,285
Runite oreRunite ore90–110 (noted)Rare962,460–1,176,340
Rune barRune bar3 (noted)Common42,669
Rune barRune bar45–55 (noted)Rare640,035–782,265
Grimy torstolGrimy torstol90–110 (noted)Uncommon683,190–835,010
Grimy snapdragonGrimy snapdragon90–110 (noted)Uncommon458,910–560,890
Super restore (4)Super restore (4)45–55 (noted)Uncommon198,045–242,055
Prayer potion (4)Prayer potion (4)45–55 (noted)Uncommon188,370–230,230
Herb seed 5Lantadyme seed14–16Uncommon251,202–287,088
Herb seed 5Dwarf weed seed14–16Uncommon347,564–397,216
Magic seed 5Magic seed4Uncommon622,100
Palm tree seed 5Palm tree seed10Uncommon1,452,880
FlaxFlax450–550 (noted)Uncommon33,300–40,700
Molten glassMolten glass45–55 (noted)Uncommon13,950–17,050
Soft claySoft clay450–550 (noted)Uncommon110,250–134,750
Yew logsYew logs68–82; 675–825 (noted)Uncommon21,148–256,575
Teak plankTeak plank45–55 (noted)Uncommon46,395–56,705
Mahogany plankMahogany plank270–330 (noted)Uncommon686,880–839,520
Brawling gloves (Melee)Brawling gloves (Melee)1RareNot sold
Brawling gloves (Magic)Brawling gloves (Magic)1RareNot sold
Brawling gloves (Ranged)Brawling gloves (Ranged)1RareNot sold
Brawling gloves (Agility)Brawling gloves (Agility)1RareNot sold
Brawling gloves (Cooking)Brawling gloves (Cooking)1RareNot sold
Brawling gloves (FM)Brawling gloves (FM)1RareNot sold
Brawling gloves (Fishing)Brawling gloves (Fishing)1RareNot sold
Brawling gloves (Hunter)Brawling gloves (Hunter)1RareNot sold
Brawling gloves (Mining)Brawling gloves (Mining)1RareNot sold
Brawling gloves (Prayer)Brawling gloves (Prayer)1RareNot sold
Brawling gloves (Smithing)Brawling gloves (Smithing)1RareNot sold
Brawling gloves (Thieving)Brawling gloves (Thieving)1RareNot sold
Brawling gloves (WC)Brawling gloves (WC)1RareNot sold
Crystal triskelion fragment 1Crystal triskelion fragment 11Very rareNot sold
Crystal triskelion fragment 2Crystal triskelion fragment 21Very rareNot sold
Crystal triskelion fragment 3Crystal triskelion fragment 31Very rareNot sold

Universal dropsEdit

Universal drops are dropped by nearly every monster outside of Daemonheim.
These drops are dropped alongside main drops.
Item Quantity Rarity GE market price
Key tokenKey token1RareNot sold
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