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Coal truck mining site
Coal trucks mining
Release date Unknown edit
Location North of the Fishing Guild, west of McGrubor's Wood
Members Yes
Rocks 18 coal rocks
Monsters Giant bats (level 44)
Dwarven guard (level 16)
Requirements None
Main music Theme
Coal Trucks location
Coal Truck

The coal truck mining site is located north of the Fishing Guild and west of McGrubor's Wood. There are 18 coal rocks and 2 carts, and the area is one of the more efficient places to mine coal.

Captain Lawgof, the starting point of the Dwarf Cannon quest, is located south of the coal trucks.

Collecting coalEdit

Several loads of coal ore can be stored in any of the carts and any coal mined in the area is automatically deposited into the coal trucks. Once the carts are full of coal, the coal may then be removed from any of the carts, but the most convenient location is a building with a mining symbol over it which is in the north-western part of Seers' Village.

There is a log balance shortcut just east of the coal trucks, which can be used at level 20 Agility to cross over towards McGrubor's Wood. Otherwise, you have to go around the Fishing Guild. You could also use a Camelot Teleport, or the Seer's Village lodestone.

Task set Capacity Profit
Full truck Truck and inventory Truck, inventory, and coal bag
None 224 coal 39,648 44,604 58,764
Easy 252 coal 44,604 49,560 63,720
Medium 280 coal 49,560 54,516 68,676
Hard 308 coal 54,516 59,472 73,632

Additionally, with a Seers' headband 4, the first 200 coal per day that one uses on the coal truck will be moved to one's bank. Any coal simply stored in the trucks will not be sent. This does not have an impact on the 308 coal from the Seers' headband 3. Thus, in the first trip of the day, one could store 508 coal in the trucks before banking.



  • Coal carts still look half-filled at 60 coal and completely full at 120 coal, and have examine text saying the same. This is because the carts once only held 120 coal prior to the introduction of the Seers' Village Tasks.
  • There was a glitch caused when storing coal in the carts with the Seer's headband worn. If the carts were filled beyond the normal 120 limit when using the headband (e.g. 140 with Seer's headband 1), and the headband is taken off, when searching the carts, there will be only 120 coal in the cart. This has been fixed.
  • When using Varrock Armour the first ore will be deposited in the trucks and the second ore will be placed in the inventory

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