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Clue scroll detail

A clue scroll (medium) is part of the Treasure Trail Distraction and Diversion, in which a player follows a series of clues leading towards a buried treasure.

Completion of the clue scroll will either give a scroll box (medium), containing another clue, or a casket (medium), containing rewards for completing the treasure trail. Medium clue scroll rewards can range from a few thousand coins to over 11,700,000 coins if ranger boots, a briefcase, or an off-hand briefcase is obtained.

Medium difficulty clue scrolls are a random drop from a large variety of mid-level monsters. Stanley Limelight Traders sell medium clue scrolls for 15 thaler each. An easy way to obtain a medium clue scroll is by killing pyrefiends or yetis. Using at least a tier 2 luck enhancer, such as a ring of wealth, increases the player's chance of finding a clue scroll.

If a player already possesses a medium clue scroll, they must either complete or drop the scroll before they can receive a new one. Players are able to hold one of each tier of clue scroll, however.


Medium clue scrolls may contain the following types of clue:

Drop sourcesEdit

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Abyssal guardian791Uncommon
Abyssal leech721Uncommon
Abyssal walker771Uncommon
Angry barbarian spirit1061Rare
Basilisk 70; 771Very rare
Berserk barbarian spirit1061Rare
Black Guard 42; 471Rare
Black Guard Berserker53; 561Rare
Black Guard crossbowdwarf701Rare
Black Heather1381Very rare
Black key blackN/A1Rare
Black key brownN/A1Rare
Black key crimsonN/A1Rare
Black key purpleN/A1Rare
Black key redN/A1Rare
Catablepon 53; 541Rare
Chaos dwarf hand cannoneer70; 1011Rare
Cockroach soldier361Rare
Customs evidence filesN/A1Very rare
Dagannoth (Lighthouse)77; 781Rare
Dagannoth (Waterbirth Island)78; 791Rare
Dagannoth (Waterbirth Island, ranged)78; 791Rare
Dagannoth guardian981Uncommon
Dried zombie671Rare
Elite Dark Mage981Very rare
Elite Dark Ranger981Very rare
Elite Khazard guard77; 841Rare
Enraged barbarian spirit1061Rare
Feral vampyre611Uncommon
Ferocious barbarian spirit1061Rare
Former vampyreN/A1Rare
Giant Sea Snake631Unknown
Giant ant soldier701Rare
Giant ant worker491Uncommon
Giant rock crab951Very rare
Giant skeleton (Shadow Dungeon)841Rare
Giant skeleton (Tarn's Lair)841Rare
Giant wasp 70; 841Rare
Gnome guard531Very rare
Guard18; 25; 351Rare
Harpie Bug Swarm631Rare
Harpie Bug Swarm (elite)721Rare
Ice giant511Rare
Ice warrior541Rare
Ivory Bre'egth (cursed)821Rare
Ivory Gromblod (cursed)821Rare


From all levelsEdit

Image Name
Coins 10000 2,500–50,000 coins
Biscuits 25 2–27 biscuits or purple sweets
Bandit Camp Teleport Various teleport scrolls
Saradomin page 1 1–3 god pages for god books
Purple firelighter Gnomish firelighters
Zamorak arrows 5 20–100 Saradomin, Guthix, or Zamorak arrows
Meerkats pouch Noted meerkats pouches or fetch casket scrolls

From medium clue scrollsEdit