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For a detailed breakdown of the drop mechanics and calculations involved with the drop chances, see Treasure Trails/Rewards#Elite

The items listed below are the rewards you can get from level 4 Treasure Trails. 4 to 6 items are awarded from each Casket (elite) opened.

Armadyl armour set (lg) equipped

A player wearing the Armadyl armour set (lg)

Black dragon mask equipped

A player wearing a Black dragon mask

Third-age druidic equipped male

A player wearing the Third-age prayer set

Rare rewards table[1]
Image Name
Armadyl full helmArmadyl platebodyArmadyl platelegsArmadyl plateskirtArmadyl kiteshield A piece of Armadyl rune armour
Bandos full helmBandos platebodyBandos platelegsBandos plateskirtBandos kiteshield A piece of Bandos rune armour
Ancient full helmAncient platebodyAncient platelegsAncient plateskirtAncient kiteshield A piece of Ancient rune armour
Armadyl coifArmadyl bodyArmadyl chapsArmadyl vambraces A piece of Armadyl d'hide
Bandos coifBandos bodyBandos chapsBandos vambraces A piece of Bandos d'hide
Ancient coifAncient bodyAncient chapsAncient vambraces A piece of Ancient d'hide
Armadyl stoleBandos stoleAncient stole Armadyl, Bandos, or Ancient stoles
Armadyl crozierBandos crozierAncient crozier Armadyl, Bandos, or Ancient croziers
Fury ornament kitDragon full helm ornament kit (or)Dragon platebody ornament kit (or)Dragon platelegs-skirt ornament kit (or)Dragon sq shield ornament kit (or)Dragon full helm ornament kit (sp)Dragon platebody ornament kit (sp)Dragon platelegs-skirt ornament kit (sp)Dragon sq shield ornament kit (sp) Fury or Dragon ornament kits
Bat staffWolf staffDragon staffCat staffPenguin staff Bat, Wolf, Dragon, Cat, or Penguin Animal staffs
  1. ^ Approximately 1 in 14 chance per item roll to get a reward from this table or below.

Each individual item in the above table has approximately 1 in 146 chance per clue to be received.

Very- and mega-rare rewards
Image Name
Prismatic large fallen star Prismatic large fallen star[1]
Starved ancient effigy Starved ancient effigy[2][3]
Black dragon maskBronze dragon maskIron dragon maskSteel dragon maskMithril dragon mask Frost dragon mask Black dragon, Bronze dragon, Iron dragon, Steel dragon, Mithril dragon, or Frost dragon animal masks[4]
Sack of effigies Sack of effigies[5]
Backstab cape Backstab cape[6]
Crystal triskelion fragment 1Crystal triskelion fragment 2Crystal triskelion fragment 3 Crystal triskelion fragments[7]
Third-Age DyeBlood dyeShadow DyeBarrows Dye Third-Age Dye[8], Blood dye, Shadow Dye[9], or Barrows Dye[10].
Saradomin bowGuthix bowZamorak bow Saradomin, Guthix or Zamorak bows.[11]
Third-age druidic staffThird-age druidic wreathThird-age druidic robe topThird-age druidic robeThird-age druidic cloak A piece of Third-age druidic equipment[12]
  1. ^ Approximately 1 in 2,912 chance per clue to receive a Prismatic large fallen star.
  2. ^ Approximately 1 in 728 chance per clue to receive a Starved ancient effigy.
  3. ^ A maximum of 5 effigies can be stored by a player. If a player does have 5 effigies stored and would have obtained this reward, 2,500 coins is rewarded in its place.
  4. ^ Approximately 1 in 146 chance per clue to receive any dragon mask - approximately 1 in 874 for a specific mask.
  5. ^ Approximately 1 in 5,909 chance per clue to receive a Sack of effigies.
  6. ^ Approximately 1 in 3,030 chance per clue to receive a Backstab cape.
  7. ^ Approximately 1 in 160 chance per clue to receive a Crystal triskelion fragment.
  8. ^ Approximately 1 in 10,192 chance per clue to receive Third-Age Dye.
  9. ^ Approximately 1 in 3,204 chance per clue to receive Shadow Dye
  10. ^ Approximately 1 in 1,678 chance per clue to receive Barrows Dye.
  11. ^ Approximately 1 in 149 chance per clue to receive any of the god bows - approximately 1 in 446 for a specific bow.
  12. ^ Approximately 1 in 7,426 chance per clue to receive any part of third-age druidic - approximately 1 in 37,128 for a specific part.
Common rewards table
Image Name Image Name
Court summons A Court summons Palm tree seed 5 Papaya tree seed 5 Yew seed 5 Palm tree seed, Papaya tree seed or Yew seed
Dwarf weed seed 5 Lantadyme seed 5 2 Dwarf weed or Lantadyme seeds Super energy (4) Antifire (4) Prayer potion (4) 9 (noted) Super restore, Antifire, or Prayer potions
Water talisman 8 (noted) Water talisman Swamp lizard 15 (noted) Swamp lizards
Rune bar 5 (noted) Rune bars Unicorn horn 10 (noted) Unicorn horns
Royal dragonhide 15 (noted) Royal dragonhide Onyx bolt tips 5 12 Onyx bolt tips
Uncut dragonstone 2 (noted) Uncut dragonstones Battlestaff 8 (noted) Battlestaff
Mahogany plank 40 (noted) Mahogany planks Dragon helm Dragon helm
Rune platebody Rune platebody

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