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Clue scroll (elite)
Clue scroll Clue scroll (elite)
Release date 4 August 2010 (Update)
Members Yes
Quest item No
Tradeable No
Equipable No
Stackable No
Value 1 coin
High alch 0 coins
Low alch 0 coins
Destroy Drop
Store price Not sold
Examine A clue!
A clue to great treasure!
It points to great treasure!
Weight 0 kg
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Scan clue detail

A Clue scroll (elite) (also known as a level 4 clue scroll) is a rare random drop from high-levelled monsters and boss monsters or it can be bought from Stanley Limelight for 200 thaler. Alternatively, they can be looted once a week from a treasure chest decoration in your POH Aquarium (with level 80 Construction). Also, one can obtain a Clue Scroll (elite) weekly from killing the Skeletal Horror after completing the Rag and Bone Man Wish Lists. It is also possible to obtain one from the Barrows rewards chest.

If a player possesses a clue scroll (elite), they must either complete it or drop/destroy it in order to receive a new one; players may have only one of each type of clue scroll at a time. Clue scrolls are the start of a Treasure Trail - a treasure hunt that sends players hunting all around RuneScape. At the end of the hunt players receive a reward of items randomly selected from a specific list, possibly including very rare and very valuable items. For a guide on how to complete a clue scroll, see: Treasure Trails Guide. Level 4 clue scrolls are very long, and involve a puzzle box OR celtic knot OR battle with a Guthix wizard every clue, although you can avoid fighting the Guthix wizard if you dig with a meerkat instead of a spade. Sometimes they are known to repeat the same clue over again. They can also take the player deep into the Wilderness. They do not consist of any clues found in levels 1-3, but instead feature only Compass and Scan clues. They have a chance of offering extremely rare and valuable items, such as Third-age druidic robes, Dragon masks, and Ornament kits.

Elites are much rarer than the lesser varieties are. Very few monsters in RuneScape actually drop them with the lowest levelled being the Bronze Dragon. If players are looking to farm elites, then the recommended monsters would be Mithril dragons, Ice strykewyrms, and the Skeletal Horror. For those with a high Slayer level, Mutated jadinko males are also a good choice. Edimmus are also a great source of elite clues, as well as triskelion fragments, which guaranteed an elite clue if no other elite clues are in your possession.

One, and only one, may also be dug up if located using Ava's Alerter after completing the quest Do No Evil. They can be located even if you already have a clue scroll, but not picked up. Additionally, using a Gold key to open a golden Shades of Mort'ton chest has a chance of obtaining one, but this requires at least 80 Firemaking in order to burn Fiyr remains, which are currently the only source of Gold keys.

It is also possible to obtain elite clue scrolls from pickpocketing Elven clan workers in Prifddinas. Players are guaranteed an elite clue scroll from a completed Crystal triskelion, provided that they do not currently have a clue scroll. An elite clue scroll can also be obtained from the Treasure chest decoration once per week, provided that the player has a Salvage hunter suit in their Aquarium.

This clue scroll may contain the following types of clue:

Completion of elite clues will either give a Scroll box (elite), containing another clue, or a Casket (elite), containing the final reward for the trail. You may also receive a Puzzle scroll box (elite) or Puzzle casket (elite), both similar to their counterparts but requiring the completion of a Celtic knot or Slider puzzle before they can be opened.

Drop list

Monster Name Combat level Rarity Location of Monster
Automaton Generator 115 Very rare Guthix's Cave
Automaton Guardian 115 Very rare Guthix's Cave
Automaton Tracer 115 Very rare Guthix's Cave
Balfrug Kreeyath 146 Rare God Wars Dungeon
Blissful shadow 112 Very rare Amlodd Clan
Bronze dragon 86 Very rare Brimhaven Dungeon, Chaos Tunnels
Bork 107 Very rare Chaos Tunnels
Bree 102 Rare God Wars Dungeon
Chaos Elemental 305 Rare Around Rogue's Castle
Commander Zilyana 596 Rare God Wars Dungeon
Corporeal Beast 785 Rare Last cavern in the cave north of the Ruined Farm
Dagannoth Prime 303 Very rare Waterbirth Island
Dagannoth Rex 303 Very rare Waterbirth Island
Dagannoth Supreme 303 Very rare Waterbirth Island
Desert strykewyrm 103 Very rare East of Al-Kharid
Exiled kalphite guardian 98 Very rare Exiled Kalphite Hive
Flight Kilisa 146 Rare God Wars Dungeon
Flockleader Geerin 146 Rare God Wars Dungeon
General Graardor 624 Rare God Wars Dungeon
Giant Mole 230 Rare Falador Mole Lair
Glacor 112 Very rare Glacor Cave after Ritual of the Mahjarrat
Growler 102 Rare God Wars Dungeon
Ice strykewyrm 152 Rare Part of the The Tale of the Muspah cave
Iron dragon 98 Very rare Brimhaven Dungeon
Jungle strykewyrm 93 Very rare North of Mobilising Armies
Kal'gerion demon 126 Rare Kal'gerion resource dungeon
Kalphite King 2500 Rare Exiled Kalphite Hive
Kalphite Queen 333 Rare Kalphite Hive
K'ril Tsutsaroth 650 Rare God Wars Dungeon
King Black Dragon 276 Very rare King Black Dragon Lair
Kree'arra 580 Rare God Wars Dungeon
Manifest shadow 126 Very rare Amlodd Clan
Mithril dragon 112 Rare Ancient Cavern
Mutated jadinko male 100 Rare Jadinko Lair
Nex 1001 Very rare God Wars Dungeon
Sergeant Grimspike 146 Rare God Wars Dungeon
Sergeant Steelwill 146 Rare God Wars Dungeon
Sergeant Strongstack 146 Rare God Wars Dungeon
Skeletal horror 91 Always Silvarea (West of Paterdomus)
Starlight 102 Rare God Wars Dungeon
Steel dragon 100 Very rare Brimhaven Dungeon
Tormented demon 119 Very rare Ancient Guthix temple
Truthful shadow 98 Very rare Amlodd Clan
Tstanon Karlak 146 Rare God Wars Dungeon
Wingman Skree 146 Rare God Wars Dungeon
Zakl'n Gritch 146 Rare God Wars Dungeon

Note: Monsters that drop Elite clues also have a chance to drop Hard clues, except for the Skeletal horror[1].

Upon completion of an elite clue scroll, players will receive one, or sometimes more, of these clue scroll exclusive rewards, as well as at least one other item. These can include Dragon helms, Rune Platebody, 1 yew seed, 1 palm tree seed, 1 Papaya seed, 2 Dwarf Weed Seeds, 2 Lantadyme seeds, 9 antifire (4), 9 prayer potion (4), 9 super restore (4), 8 Battlestaffs, 15 Swamp lizards, Mahogany Planks, 15 Royal Dragonhide, 5 Rune Bars, 2 Uncut Dragonstones, 10 Unicorn Horns, 8 Water Talismans, 12 Onyx Bolt Tips, crystal triskelion key fragment (1, 2, 3), Coins (20,000-90,000) or a Large Prismatic Star.

Any level rewardsEdit


Image Name Grand Exchange Price
Biscuits 5 Biscuits Not tradeable
Court summons Court Summons for Court Cases Not tradeable
Purple firelighter Red firelighter Blue firelighter Green firelighter White firelighter Gnomish firelighters Varies
Purple sweets 4 Purple sweets 1,577
Meerkats pouch Meerkats pouch 1,201
Fetch casket scroll Fetch casket scrolls 82

Teleport scrollsEdit

Destination Grand Exchange price
Bandit Camp TeleportBandit camp 478
Lumber Yard TeleportLumber yard 3,345
Miscellania TeleportMiscellania 740
Pollnivneach TeleportPollnivneach 1,315
Phoenix Lair TeleportPhoenix lair 395
Tai Bwo Wannai TeleportTai Bwo Wannai 470

Ranged weaponryEdit

Composite bows
Willow composite bowWillow 629 Yew composite bowYew 536 Magic composite bowMagic 938
Arrows (price per)
Guthix arrows 5Guthix arrows 118 Saradomin arrows 5Saradomin arrows 150 Zamorak arrows 5Zamorak arrows 138

God pagesEdit

Guthix page 1 Guthix pages
Page 1 35,863 Page 2 27,643 Page 3 26,609 Page 4 27,539
Saradomin page 1 Saradomin pages
Page 1 52,207 Page 2 32,911 Page 3 26,119 Page 4 36,493
Zamorak page 1 Zamorak pages
Page 1 291,470 Page 2 197,410 Page 3 177,684 Page 4 222,337
Ancient page 1 Ancient pages
Page 1 39,613 Page 2 39,238 Page 3 31,346 Page 4 32,478
Armadyl page 1 Armadyl pages
Page 1 27,231 Page 2 22,854 Page 3 23,094 Page 4 22,883
Bandos page 1 Bandos pages
Page 1 24,143 Page 2 16,434 Page 3 10,654 Page 4 21,666

Hard & Elite level rewardsEdit


Image Name Grand Exchange Price
Barrows dye Barrows dye 292,919,554
Shadow dye Shadow dye 661,121,418
Starved ancient effigy Starved ancient effigy Not tradeable


Image Name Grand Exchange Price
Backstab cape Backstab cape 7,740,570
Sack of effigies Sack of effigies 25,336,176

Elite rewardsEdit

Third-age druidic armourEdit

Third-age druidic
Third-age druidic wreathThird-age druidic wreath Third-age druidic cloakThird-age druidic cloak Third-age druidic robe topThird-age druidic robe top Third-age druidic robeThird-age druidic robe Third-age druidic staffThird-age druidic staff
408,914,560 567,510,206 893,409,770 553,574,107 243,477,658

Rune god armourEdit

Ancient full helmFull helm Ancient platebodyPlatebody Ancient platelegsPlatelegs Ancient plateskirtPlateskirt Ancient kiteshieldKiteshield
38,352 67,259 48,647 36,930 31,774
Armadyl full helmFull helm Armadyl platebodyPlatebody Armadyl platelegsPlatelegs Armadyl plateskirtPlateskirt Armadyl kiteshieldKiteshield
33,887 49,167 46,034 36,893 32,511
Bandos full helmFull helm Bandos platebodyPlatebody Bandos platelegsPlatelegs Bandos plateskirtPlateskirt Bandos kiteshieldKiteshield
28,067 44,201 48,259 36,885 31,914

Blessed d'hideEdit

Ancient coifCoif Ancient bodyBody Ancient vambracesVambraces Ancient chapsChaps
21,292 6,838 1,759 2,976
Armadyl coifCoif Armadyl bodyBody Armadyl vambracesVambraces Armadyl chapsChaps
26,059 14,181 9,380 5,331
Bandos coifCoif Bandos bodyBody Bandos vambracesVambraces Bandos chapsChaps
26,002 6,919 6,270 4,424

Vestment piecesEdit

Ancient stoleAncient/Zaros Armadyl stoleArmadyl Bandos stoleBandos
2,623 12,463 5,037
Ancient crozierAncient/Zaros Armadyl crozierArmadyl Bandos crozierBandos
3,268 4,626 3,926

Dragon Ornament kitsEdit

Dragon full helm ornament kit (or)Full helm Dragon platebody ornament kit (or)Platebody Dragon platelegs+skirt ornament kit (or)Platelegs/skirt Dragon sq shield ornament kit (or)Sq shield
6,372 15,698 28,049 4,525
Dragon full helm ornament kit (sp)Full helm Dragon platebody ornament kit (sp)Platebody Dragon platelegs+skirt ornament kit (sp)Platelegs/skirt Dragon sq shield ornament kit (sp)Sq shield
5,319 5,015 4,463 5,108


Item Grand Exchange price
Fury ornament kitFury ornament kit 253,933
Third-age dyeThird-age dye 964,811,317
Guthix bowGuthix bow 156,998
Saradomin bowSaradomin bow 209,169
Zamorak bowZamorak bow 223,164
Bat staffBat staff 27,210
Cat staffCat staff 31,453
Dragon staffDragon staff 27,414
Penguin staffPenguin staff 26,987
Wolf staffWolf staff 26,673
Black dragon maskBlack dragon mask 918,138
Bronze dragon maskBronze dragon mask 276,124
Iron dragon maskIron dragon mask 318,135
Steel dragon maskSteel dragon mask 271,563
Mithril dragon maskMithril dragon mask 308,086
Frost dragon maskFrost dragon mask 535,855

The total value of all level 4 exclusive rewards would be 3,636,157,223

Alerter Locations Edit

After completing the quest Do No Evil and acquiring the Ava's alerter, players are able to obtain one clue scroll (elite). It can be found in one of four random locations, and can only be obtained once.

These locations are not guaranteed and that each player has one preset location. Also, you cannot wear any type of metal armour at the same time, or the alerter will not function correctly. (Certain hybrid armours like the Warpriest armours still work, however.)

The alerter will notify you with a "Bwuk", "Bwuk Bwuk", and "Bwuk Bwuk Bwuk" when you are nearby; and finally "Bwuk Bwuk Bwuk Bwuk" when you are on top of the correct spot. Dig on that exact spot to receive the clue. You will need to bring a spade. The one in toolbelt will not work.

It is recommended to start with the easiest of the locations,and then move on to each progressively more difficult location until you find the clue scroll.

Location Map
On the Iceberg featured in the penguin quests. After getting off the boat, run northwest to the giant ice column seen on the minimap. It's on the northwestern side of the column. Elite iceberg
The southwest part of Lunar Isle; west of the astral altar and south of the city. Quick access will require you turning on the Lunar Isle lodestone. Lunar clue location
West of the Underground Pass exit into Isafdar in a clearing. For fast access, use a Crystal trinket to teleport to Llyeta and go past traps to get here. If coming from Port Tyras, follow the way you took to get to the camp. Isafdar Elite Location

If the Branches of Darkmeyer quest is complete, you can use Drakan's medallion for fast access to Meiyerditch. Otherwise, if the Legacy of Seergaze quest has been completed, you can use either the Abyss or a Blood altar teleport to access the nearby Blood Altar. Otherwise, in Meiyerditch; get caught by a vyrewatch. Choose to do hard labour and get sent to the mines. Ask a miner for a spare pickaxe, mine 15 daeyalt ore, deposit them in the mine cart, and then talk to one of the guards to be let out. Now run south along the eastern wall. The spot is in an indent in the wall (on the minimap).

If travelling from the Myreque's Meiyerditch hideout, climb up the stairs in the room to the north, jump to the floorboards, and climb down the ladder just like in the quest. Then, open the door and head directly north across a room. Once outside of it in the clearing, it's a straight run to the crate's location.

Meiyerditch Location


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