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Clue scroll detail

A Clue scroll (easy) is part of the Treasure Trail Distraction and Diversion, in which a player follows a series of clues leading towards a buried treasure. Completion of the clue scroll will either give a Scroll box (easy), containing another clue, or a Casket (easy), containing rewards for completing the treasure trail. Easy clue scroll rewards range from as few as 100 coins to over 3,900,000 coins if a Suitcase is obtained.

Easy difficulty clue scrolls are a random drop from a large variety of low-level monsters. An easy way to obtain an easy clue scroll is pickpocketing H.A.M. Members in the H.A.M. Hideout; wearing H.A.M. robes will decrease the likelihood of being caught picking pockets. Wearing a Ring of wealth increases the players chance of finding a clue scroll, even while picking pockets.

If a player already possesses an easy clue scroll, they must either complete or drop the scroll before they can receive a new one. Players are able to hold one of each tier of clue scroll, however.


For help with solving a clue scroll, see Treasure Trails/Guide.

This clue scroll may contain the following types of clue:

Drop sourcesEdit


Rewards from any levelEdit

The items listed below are rewards that are possible to receive from all levels of Treasure Trails. These items are not guaranteed rewards, only possibilities.

Image Name
Coins 10000 2,500–50,000 Coins
Biscuits 25 Purple sweets 10 2–27 Biscuits[all 1] or Purple sweets
Bandit Camp Teleport Lumber Yard Teleport Miscellania Teleport Pollnivneach Teleport Phoenix Lair Teleport Tai Bwo Wannai Teleport Various Teleport scrolls
Saradomin page 1 Guthix page 1 Zamorak page 1 Armadyl page 1 Bandos page 1 Ancient page 1 1–3 God pages for God books
Purple firelighter Red firelighter Blue firelighter Green firelighter White firelighter Gnomish firelighters
Saradomin arrows 5 Guthix arrows 5 Zamorak arrows 5 20–100 Saradomin, Guthix, or Zamorak arrows
Meerkats pouch Fetch casket scroll Noted Meerkats pouches or fetch casket scrolls
  1. ^ The maximum amount of Biscuits that can be stored by a player is 200. If the maximum is stored, Purple sweets will be rewarded instead.

Easy rewardsEdit

The items listed below are the rewards you can get from level 1 Treasure Trails. 2 to 4 items are awarded from each Casket (easy) opened.

Black armour (g) (lg) equipped

A player wearing Gold-trimmed black armour

Off-hand suitcase equipped

A player wearing an Off-hand suitcase

Rare rewards table
Image Name
Willow composite bow Yew composite bow Magic composite bow Willow, yew, or magic composite bows
Black full helm (t)Black platebody (t)Black platelegs (t)Black plateskirt (t)Black kiteshield (t) A piece of Black trimmed armour set (lg) or (sk)
Black full helm (g)Black platebody (g)Black platelegs (g)Black plateskirt (g)Black kiteshield (g) A piece of Black gold-trimmed armour set (lg) or (sk)
Black beret Blue beret White beret Black, blue, or White beret
Highwayman mask Highwayman mask
Wizard hat (t) Wizard robe top (t) Wizard robe skirt (t) Wizard hat (t), Wizard robe top (t), or Wizard robe skirt (t)
Wizard hat (g) Wizard robe top (g) Wizard robe skirt (g) Wizard hat (g), Wizard robe top (g), or Wizard robe skirt (g)
Studded body (t) Studded chaps (t) Studded body (t) or Studded chaps (t)
Studded body (g) Studded chaps (g) Studded body (g) or Studded chaps (g)
Black helm (h1)Black platebody (h2)Black platelegs (h3)Black plateskirt (h4)Black shield (h5) A piece of Black heraldic armour (h1—h5)
Blue elegant blouse Green elegant shirt Red elegant shirt A piece of Blue, Green, or Red elegant costume
Bob shirt (purple) Bob shirt (red) Bob shirt (blue) Bob shirt (green) Bob shirt (black) A Bob shirt
Flared trousers Sleeping cap Powdered wig Pantaloons Flared trousers, Sleeping cap, A powdered wig, or Pantaloons
Saradomin robe top Saradomin robe legs Guthix robe top Guthix robe legs Zamorak robe top Zamorak robe legs Saradomin, Guthix, or Zamorak robe top or legs
Amulet of magic (t) Amulet of magic (t)
Black cane Black cane
Spiked helmet Spiked helmet
Suitcase Off-hand suitcase Suitcase or Off-hand suitcase
Prismatic small fallen star Prismatic small fallen star
Common rewards table
Image Name Image Name
Air rune Fire rune Earth rune Water rune Pure essence 150 Air, Fire, Earth, Water runes, or Pure essence Black 2h crossbow Black crossbow Off-hand black crossbow Black 2h crossbow, crossbow, or Off-hand crossbow
Staff of air Staff of fire Staff of earth Staff of water Staff of air, fire, earth, or water Mithril arrow 5 Black bolts 5 50 Mithril arrows or 33 black bolts
Air talisman Fire talisman Earth talisman Water talisman Air, Fire, Earth, or Water talismans Mithril longsword Mithril 2h sword Mithril longsword or 2h sword
Mithril full helm Mithril platebody Mithril platelegs Mithril kiteshield Mithril full helm, platebody, platelegs, or kiteshield Oak plank 20 (noted) Oak Planks
Law rune Nature rune 20 Law or Nature runes Hard leather 10 (noted) Hard leather

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