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Clue scroll (easy)
Clue scroll (easy)
Release date 5 May 2004 (Update)
Members? Yes
Quest item? No
Tradeable? No
Equipable? No
Stackable? No
Value 1 coin
High Alch 0 coins
Low Alch 0 coins
Destroy Drop
Store price Not sold
  • A set of instructions to be followed.
  • A clue!
  • A piece of the world map, but where?

It points to great treasure!

Weight 0 kg
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Clue scroll detail

A Clue scroll (easy) is a random drop from a large variety of lower-levelled monsters. If a player possesses a clue scroll, they must either complete it or drop/destroy it in order to receive a new one. Clue scrolls are the start of a Treasure Trail - a treasure hunt that sends players hunting all around RuneScape. At the end of the hunt players receive a reward of items randomly selected from a specific list, possibly including very rare and very valuable items. For a guide on how to complete a clue scroll, see Treasure Trails Guide. Level 1 clue scrolls are the easiest to obtain and complete, and offer lower rewards in return. The rewards can range from Black equipment to Wizard robes (g). A quick way to get easy clue scrolls is by pickpocketing H.A.M. members in Lumbridge (Note: Wearing H.a.m. robes will increase the likelihood of successful pickpockets). Another good way is to kill goblins outside of the H.A.M. hideout with ring of wealth equipped.

Easy clue scrolls do not feature any co-ordinate clues, and require nothing to be fought. They also do not take the player into the Wilderness.

This clue scroll may contain the following types of clue:

Completion of easy clues will either give the player another clue scroll (easy), a Scroll box (easy), or a Casket (easy), both of which will provide another clue, or level 1 rewards.

Drop list Edit

Monster Name Combat Level Location
Afflicted 30-37 Mort'ton
Troll commando 2 Taverley
Lumbridge guard 3 Lumbridge
Anja 2 Rimmington
Al-Kharid warrior 9 Al Kharid
Bandit looter 41 Uzer Mastaba
Banshee 23 Morytania Slayer Tower
Barbarian 9, 10, 15, 17, 29 Gunnarsgrunn, Barbarian Outpost
Barbarian woman 8 Gunnarsgrunn, Blue Moon Inn
Cave slime 23 Lumbridge Swamp Caves
Cave bug 96 Dorgesh-Kaan South Dungeon, Chaos Tunnels
Cockroach worker 44 Stronghold of Player Safety
Cuffs 3 North of Falador
Dagannoth spawn 42 Waterbirth Island
Farmer 7 Various fields around RuneScape
Goblin 2, 5, 11, 13, 16, 25 Goblin Village, Lumbridge, God Wars Dungeon, various other places
H.A.M. guard 12, 18, 22 H.A.M. Dungeon
Hobgoblin 42, 28 Rellekka, Edgeville Dungeon, West of Crafting Guild
Hengel 2 Rimmington
Hygd & Ceolburg 4 Burthorpe
Icefiend 13, 17 Ice Mountain, God Wars Dungeon
Jeff 2 North of Falador
Man 2, (24)* All over RuneScape
Minotaur 12, 27 Stronghold of Security
Molanisk 51 Dorgesh-Kaan South Dungeon
Mugger 6 Various location around RuneScape
Narf 2 North of Falador
Rock Crab 13 Rellekka, Fremennik Province, Waterbirth Island, Brine Rat Cavern
Rogue 15 Rogue's Castle
Rusty 2 North of Falador
Small scarab 41 Uzer Mastaba
Skeleton looter 41 Uzer Mastaba
Thief 14, 16, 17 Varrock, Port Sarim, Brimhaven
Thug 10 Low level Wilderness, Edgeville Dungeon
Woman 2, (24)* All over RuneScape
Young grotworm 2, 11 Grotworm Lair

Level 1 clue scrolls may also be obtained from:

  • Caskets from fishing or from Miscellania
  • The Shades of Mort'ton Activity
  • Pickpocketing HAM Members.
  • Received from Ogre Coffins
  • Received from a Reward of any Evil tree. (Note: That you can only kill 2 evil trees per day)

Rewards Edit

Upon completion of a Level 1 clue scroll, the player will be rewarded with either one of the following cross-trail items:

Image Name GEMW
Coins 1000 Varying amounts of Coins. N/A
Saradomin page 1 Guthix page 1Zamorak page 1Armadyl page 1Ancient page 1Bandos page 1 God pages for God books.
Purple firelighter Red firelighter Blue firelighter Green firelighter White firelighter Gnomish Firelighters.
Purple sweets 4 Purple sweets. Coins 1000 1,654
Air rune Fire rune Earth rune Law rune Various Runes and elemental staves.
Sapphire amulet Emerald amulet Ruby amulet Diamond amulet Dragonstone amulet All player-craftable Amulets, up to and including Dragonstone.
Court summons Court Summons for Court Cases
Biscuits 5 Biscuits
Bandit Camp TeleportLumber Yard TeleportMiscellania TeleportPollnivneach TeleportPhoenix Lair TeleportTai Bwo Wannai Teleport Teleport scrolls
Saradomin arrows 5Guthix arrows 5Zamorak arrows 5 Saradomin, Guthix, and Zamorak arrows
Meerkats pouchFetch casket scroll Meerkats pouch and Fetch casket scrolls
Willow composite bow Willow composite bow Coins 250 256
Yew composite bow Yew composite bow Coins 250 391
Magic composite bow Magic Composite Bow Coins 250 669

Or an item unique to Level 1 clue scrolls:

Image Name GEMW
Black full helm (t) Black platebody (t) Black platelegs (t) Black plateskirt (t) Black kiteshield (t) Black Armour (trimmed)
Black full helm (g) Black platebody (g) Black platelegs (g) Black plateskirt (g) Black kiteshield (g) Black armour (gold-trimmed)
Black beret Blue beret White beret Black, blue and, white Berets
Highwayman mask Highwayman mask
Wizard hat (t) Wizard robe top (t) Wizard robe skirt (t) Wizard robes (trimmed)
Wizard hat (g) Wizard robe top (g) Wizard robe skirt (g) Wizard robes (gold-trimmed)
Studded body (t) Studded chaps (t) Studded leather armour (trimmed)
Studded body (g) Studded chaps (g) Studded leather armour (gold-trimmed)
Black shield (h1)Black helm (h1)Black platebody (h1)Black plateskirt (h1)Black platelegs (h1) Black heraldic armour (h1 to h5)
Red elegant shirt Red elegant legs Red elegant blouse Red elegant skirt Red Elegant costumes
Blue elegant shirt Blue elegant legs Blue elegant blouse Blue elegant skirt Blue Elegant costumes
Green elegant shirt Green elegant legs Green elegant blouse Green elegant skirt Green Elegant costumes
Bob shirt (red) Bob shirt (green) Bob shirt (blue) Bob shirt (purple) Bob shirt (black) Bob the cat shirts
Flared trousers Sleeping cap A powdered wig Pantaloons Emote enhancers
Amulet of magic (t) Amulet of Magic (t) Coins 1000 232,331
Saradomin robe top Saradomin robe legs Guthix robe top Guthix robe legs Zamorak robe top Zamorak robe legs Vestment robes (Saradomin, Guthix, Zamorak)
Black crossbow Black bolts 5 Black crossbow, Black bolts
Black cane Black cane Coins 1000 335,256
Spiked helmet Spiked helmet Coins 1000 65,759

Along with one or more of these rewards, the player can receive a variety of items such as Black armour, black weapons and black nails, oak planks, willow shortbows, coif, leather armour, yew shortbows, salmon, trout, elemental talismans and steel pickaxes.

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