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Clean toadflax detail

Clean toadflax is a grimy toadflax that has been cleaned. It is the sixth lowest level herb available but is one of the more valuable herbs (in market value) because it is more difficult to obtain than most other herbs and the constant high demand due to the high demand for Saradomin brews, for which it is an ingredient. It is used in the Herblore skill.


Clean toadflax has four uses:

Potion/item Level Second
XP Effect/usage
Agility potion



Toad's legs 80 Drinking a dose will always raise the player's Agility level by 3.
Goblin potion

Herblore 37

Pharmakos berries 85 The potion transforms the player into a goblin.


Yew roots

155 The Antipoison+ cures poison, and provides immunity for 9 minutes.
(This potion requires coconut milk instead of water.)
Saradomin brews


Crushed bird's nest 180 Saradomin brews heal 1000 Life Points and can temporarily boost your life points above your maximum by up to 15%. They also increase your Defence by 25%, but lower your Strength, Attack, Magic and Ranged by 15%.


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  • In real life, toadflax is the common name of several related genera of plants.

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