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Clean guam detail

Clean guam is received upon cleaning a Grimy guam. Players may also receive clean guam from opening a box of summoning ingredients, a possible reward from the Familiarisation Distraction and Diversion.


Clean guam herbs have several uses, such as:

Clean Guam quantity Potion/item Level Second
XP Effect/usage
1 Attack potion



Eye of newt 25 Boosts the player's Attack level by 1-8 (1 + 8% of Attack level, rounded down).
1 Ranging potion



Redberries 30 Boosts the player's Ranged level by 1-8 (1 + 8% of Ranged level, rounded down).
1 15 Guam tars



15 Swamp tar 30 Ammunition for the Swamp lizard.Bait when hunting Swamp lizards.
1 Super fishing explosives



Rubium 55 They cause 150 damage to the Mogre as it becomes lured.
1 Macaw pouches



Green charm

78 Spirit shards

72.4 Used to summon a Macaw.
1 Bowl of milk, honey and guam ---

Bucket of milk

0 Used in the Meeting History quest.
1 Fish food (with ground guam) --- Ground seaweed 0 Used in the Ernest the Chicken quest.

Guam leaves can also be used for automatically gaining experience with Herbicide if guam leaf is chosen in its options. Herbicide gives two times the amount of experience as if it were cleaned, but destroys the herb in the process.


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