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Clean bloodweed detail

Clean bloodweed is a herb used in the Herblore skill. It is obtained by cleaning grimy bloodweed, which gives 11.5 Herblore experience.

The clean herb may be added to vial of water to create an unfinished bloodweed potion, which may then be turned into a number of potions per below.


Potion Level XP Secondary Effect/usage
Luck potion Herblore
123.5 Crushed dragonstone Provides the effects of a ring of wealth for 1 hour.
Camouflage potion Herblore
150 Black salamander Removes the player's minimap dot for 1 minute.
Aggression potion Herblore
185 Searing ashes Makes nearby attackable NPCs aggressive to the player for 6 minutes.


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  • Bloodweed and Wergali may be inspired by the Ricinus communis, a reddish-brown angiosperm that contains a lethal dose of ricin.

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