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This article is about the wizard whom Sandy murdered. For the sailor involved in Dragon Slayer, see Klarense.
Wizard's head detail

Clarence was the assistant to Zavistic Rarve. He was also a member of a society within the Magic Guild called the New Order Occult Bookists. The sand entrepreneur Sandy murdered Clarence, and hid his hand and head in the sandpits in Yanille and Entrana. Players retrieve these two parts in The Hand in the Sand, and the rest of his parts in Back to my Roots and Returning Clarence. After that, they can attend his funeral at the end of the quest.

He hadn't earned his sixth magic level yet, according to Zavistic.

Only one of his feet was ever found - the other is still missing.

Drop sourcesEdit

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Giant ant soldier701Uncommon
Giant ant worker491Uncommon
Giant wasp 70; 841Uncommon
Jungle spider 21; 42; 49; 86; 88; 891Uncommon
Pernicious parrot631Uncommon
Tenacious toucan841Uncommon

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