Sleeping Clan Dragon

A sleeping clan dragon.

Clan Dragons are a customisation for the Clan Citadel, only available to tier 7 citadels. They cost a large amount of resources to purchase, equivalent to a tier 7 Clan Citadel. Buying a Clan Dragon costs 100,000 precious metal bars, 200,000 cloth and 500,000 rations. Clan Dragons are considered a sign of great power and influence for a clan. Also, since there are several varieties of dragons to choose from, Clan Dragons can add individuality to the clan and its citadel.


Clan Dragons come in green, blue, red, black, and frost versions.



  • The clan dragon can be examined in flight, which yields the text "This mighty dragon has made its home here." It is labelled only as "Dragon" in blue text instead of yellow for NPCs.

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