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Clan citadel booster detail

A clan citadel booster is an item that can be bought from Solomon's General Store. Ironman Mode players cannot purchase clan citadel boosters.

When used, it doubles the rate at which a player gains resources and experience while training at a clan citadel during the current build tick. Players may use the booster on another clan member to grant them its benefits. The clan citadel booster was added to the game code on 2 November 2015, but went for sale on 9 November 2015.

Clan citadel boosters were made untradeable on 26 November 2015.[1]

Amount Cost (RuneCoins)
1 100
3 250
6 450
  1. ^ Mod Easty. "System update." 26 November 2015. Recent Game Updates Forums.

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